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Catholic Weddings

The foundation of Catholic marriage is on a sacred agreement (sacrament) made with God that binds you together as husband & wife for life.

The Catholic Church teaches that marriage is God’s way of showing love to those He created. As such, it is God who governs your commitment to each other as part of the gift he has given.

Sacraments made with God can never be broken and the Church will always consider you bound together as one, even in the event of a divorce.

So, in Catholic marriage, you are agreeing to forever be committed to each other and to God, while also being committed to bringing up children as Catholics, in the Catholic way of life.  


The Catholic way of life is to be committed to the vows made in Baptism and to be faithful to the commandment of love that is a part of the Eucharist.

Baptism is a sacrament that washes away sins, confirms and strengthens you as a Catholic.

Eucharist is the weekly communal meal that is held in praise and worship of God that renews your covenant to continue his work on earth, spread the Gospel with words and actions in a life led with commitment to peace and justice.

Father Michael

The Parish Priest at St Anna’s Catholic church sees marriage as a part of God’s natural law and will support any couple who chooses to marry there.

Father Michael, will act as chief witness at your wedding of the sacrament you make to one another.

If you would like to have a wedding outside the church we recommend having Fr. Anatcha perform the appropriate Catholic marriage rites for your union, for which the standard Catholic pre requisites are not required.

Ceremony Inclusions


Marriage Requirements

It is not only consent of the couple that creates a Catholic marriage.

You should be unmarried and there can be no impediments to your union. You must also give your consent freely.

You will need obtain approval from a parish at home in order and should send the documents obtained to Thailand as soon as you receive them.

Both priests will need to discuss your impending marriage and so each should be supplied with contact details.  

You will need to attend a meeting a few days prior to your wedding with the Priest to discuss your marriage ceremony & requirements.

He will make sure you have been informed of your duties and are ready for a life of matrimony.

He will also be available to answer any questions you or your bridal party might have and help you decide on any readings, prayers and music you will be having.

You will be asked in this meeting whether you are free to marry and he will asses your understanding of the life-long commitment you are making to one another.

A Catholic marrying a non Catholic is acceptable as long as you have both willingly agreed to marriage, intend to be faithful for life and will bring your children up in the Catholic faith.

At your pre wedding meeting in Thailand, your priest will request a promise be made, in the presence of your partner, to continue to observe your faith and raise children with Catholic values.

If only one of you is Catholic, although it is preferable your partner should have been baptized, it is still possible to have a ceremony take place.

We recommend taking a Marriage Preparation Course beforehand. These classes are advisable because they explain what you are consenting to in marriage. Depending on where you take them, they might include anything from  meeting with church members, your priest, to going to pre-Cana presentations, workshops or even a weekend retreat.

Ceremony Format

Catholic weddings also serve as a worship service and the calling together of a man and woman to marry in the presence of their family and friends.

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