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Christian Weddings

Christian marriages are a covenant (promise) made with God that unites husband and wife as one in a life long commitment.

Love is an important part of Christian marriage, but the state of love can vary over time between people. So, it is the commitment to each other and to God that Christian marriages are based on.

Your commitment to each other will sustain your marriage for better or for worse, but it is your commitment to God that will be the driving force behind it all.

Christian marriage is a gift that is instituted and ordained by God. Living a Christian way of life and acceptance of God in your lives together is what is believed to make Christian marriages work and binds both together as one entity.

Christian beliefs are founded on relationships with each other and with God.


Prayer, repentance, self discipline, study that leads to spiritual growth, commitment to serving others and spreading the message of Jesus are the beliefs of those leading a Christian way of life.

Father Anatcha

The lovely local Thai priest ordained by the Baptist Church, is well spoken and gives amazing ceremonies that are filled with joy.


Ceremony Inclusions


Ceremony Format

The bible doesn't state what is required as part of a Christian ceremony so there is room for creativity in putting it together and you are free to decide.

9,000 THB