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Gay Weddings

It is entirely natural for same sex couples to celebrate their loving relationship with marriage.

More rights and responsibilities are applicable than ever before and religious groups are also declaring their support for civil marriages between gay and lesbian couples.

Although Thailand has not yet granted legal marriage registration, gay wedding ceremonies can take place here under Buddhist law.

There are different styles of ceremonies available at gay weddings in Thailand, still it is important to note that they are commitment ceremonies that are not legally registered.

Your pledge of love and commitment will be acknowledged in a wedding certificate that will be signed by yourselves, witnesses and your wedding officiant at your Humanist wedding or interfaith Buddhist wedding.

You will take part in the traditional exchange of vows and wedding ceremony in which two consenting adults declare their love for each other and so share their home and combine their living and responsibility as one.

Any such marriage is experienced by couples as just as valid as any legally sanctioned ceremony and treated as such.

You can create your own unique service. You can choose any words or poetry important to you both and make the ceremony about love, religion or friendship.

The way in which you say in your ceremony that “I love this person and consider them my partner in life”, can be as simple, spiritual, symbolic, religious or traditional as you wish.

Deciding on your Ceremony or Celebrant

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