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Non Religious / Humanist Weddings

A non religious wedding ceremony is based on the exchange of marriage rites which have true meaning to you, and if it is also a civil wedding, a contract which binds you together in legal marriage.

A Humanist wedding is founded on the deep commitment and devotion you have to each other, rather than a set of religious beliefs about marriage.

Your ceremony can be every bit as traditional and ritualistic as a church wedding but it can also be simple, short & sweet or creative & unconventional with vows & readings that reflect your commitment and your own spirituality.

Having a non religious ceremony enables you to express your own unique beliefs about marriage and to celebrate yours in a way that is best suited to you both as a couple.


Is a philosophy that, without religious influence, focuses on people, relationships, family, ethics & nature as a way of life.  


Finding the right celebrant to perform a ceremony that is meaningful to you both is an important decision.

Whether your ceremony will be romantic, simple, formal or fun & creative, choosing the right celebrant for it will help set the mood of your entire day.You should feel comfortable with your celebrant, the wording they will use and the atmosphere that will be created at your ceremony. 

Koh Samui Island Weddings has a range of recommended celebrants, each with different strengths in delivering a ceremony that will be a reflection of what marriage means to you.

Your celebrant should be able to create a ceremony that is as simple and straight-forward or as meaningful and eloquent as you want it to be. With Koh Samui Island Weddings, finding the right one for you is easy.

Writing your own vows, choosing readings, poems, unity ceremonies & songs are all ways of creating a service that celebrates your unique bond and future together of love, trust and commitment.


Johnny is our favorite celebrant. He started work in Samui as a celebrant with Koh Samui Island Weddings and has since moved on to becoming one of the most popular wedding celebrants on the island.

He is personable, well presented, likeable and each and every one of the hundreds of ceremonies he has performed have been done so with a heartfelt and professional approach.

Johnny has studied public speaking and is a registered wedding celebrant. He is available to conduct humanist wedding, non denomination religious weddings. commitment ceremonies, vow renewals and gay weddings as required.

He is now registered as a celebrant with the Universal Life Church and the perfect candidate to precede over any couples humanist, inter-faith or non-denomination religious or spiritual ceremony.

Johnny brings with him an air of authority to the proceedings but he is also warm, light-hearted and can be funny, spontaneous, creative and will adapt to the mood that is required.

He will be in touch with you beforehand to suggest and help you work on any of your wedding vows, then meet with you as soon as he can right after your arrival to go over everything with you, put you at ease and conduct wedding rehearsals and answer questions with your bridal party.

His services are in high demand these days, so bookings in advance are required.


Dimitri has been a wedding celebrant in Samui for a number of years and can conduct ceremonies in English, French and German.


Carter is an experienced, professional, light hearted and friendly American wedding celebrant who was one of the first on the island to offer western celebrant services.


Jane is a wonderful Australian lady with full qualifications from there and one of our most thoughtful and genuine service providers. She is highly recommended and sought after.

Our Celebrants Inclusions

Pre Wedding Assistance

You will receive standard orders of service, reading suggestions and vow samples and help in modifying anything to your preferences. Your wedding celebrant will be available to you over email, telephone and on location to discuss your wedding when and as required.

Pre Wedding Meeting

This gives you the opportunity to discuss and run through your entire ceremony in advance and have any questions answered before the big day. Your celebrant will rehearse your ceremony with you, remind you of your cues, where you should stand, any body's duties and provide you with any of the reassurance you could possibly need.

On the Day Ceremony Service

You will be lead through your ceremony by an experienced and capable professional who will help you go with the flow of everything, address everybody at your ceremony, remind you of the importance of the vows and commitment you are making and celebrate and rejoice for you afterwards.

Marriage Certificate

Your symbolic reminder of the vows you have taken and your pledge to honor them will be your wedding certificate, signed by yourselves, your celebrant and 2 witnesses.

Click Here to see some additional extras and unity ceremonies.


Ceremony P.A with wireless or lapel microphones and for ceremony music.

Wedding Podium or Marriage Registration Space

Wedding Program & Printing


Marriage Requirements

Whether you are having or calling your marriage humanist, secular, non-religious or a commitment ceremony - the idea is to facilitate the traditional exchange of vows and rings in a way that is most suitable to you.

It is not a requirement that you register this type of marriage legally but when you do it is known as a civil wedding.

You can either take care of your country’s marriage requirements at home or in Thailand for a wedding that, once paperwork is attended to, is legally recognized for you at home.

Please see Legal Marriage Registration for more information.  

There are no civil law requirements in Thailand as to who conducts the ceremony in which you exchange your wedding vows and the District Officer is the separate entity who registers your marriage.

Regardless of where legal paper work is organized or who officiates, it is the wedding ceremony itself that's usually considered symbolically as the the binding time you are married.

7,500 THB.-