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Renewal of Vows

There can be many reasons for wanting to renew your vows.

Perhaps, for some reason, your original wedding wasn't the fairy tail you'd been hoping for, you were married at a registry office, you want to renew your wedding under a different faith than before or set backs since you first exchanged vows have left you wanting to reaffirm them to your partner again.

Or, it could simply be a special anniversary date you want to celebrate.

Whatever the reason, the need for a romantic getaway increases more and more the longer you have been married. This year, why not make your holiday as magical an occasion for your love as there could be … on a tropical island where, this time, all the luxuries you ever imagined are available … and all of it will cost a lot less than the original event!

A celebration of your love in the formal renewing of your vows on Koh Samui can be anything you want it to be.

You have already registered your love and commitment to one another in a formal ceremony in the past and the second time around can be even more symbolic, traditional or unique than the first. Plus now, by now any children, family and friends who are a part of your union can also be recognized.

Although the idea of renewing vows is to show your continuing commitment to each other in a public arena, it is also appropriate to also make it a private, spiritual exchange and affirmation for just the two of you and need not have any direct connection to the original wedding ceremony.

Vow renewal ceremonies can be as creative and personal as you want and you are free to let your imagine roam or to keep it simple.

You might want to walk down the aisle to 'your song', perform a personal, symbolic unity ceremony, buy new wedding bands for the occasion or simply recite the same, meaningful vows took before.

Your ceremony can be very formal, or more casual and fun and whatever style you choose for it, you can be guaranteed it will be meaningful and magical when it is planned with you by an expert celebrant and your wedding planner in Thailand.

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