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Unity Ceremonies

Having a unity ceremony after or as part of your wedding is something not to be missed.

There are so many different, amazing & magical ways to capture the essence of the special union you are entering into.

There are symbolic, traditional, unique, romantic, creative and fun ceremonies and you can take your pick from one to many of them to celebrate your love together.


Water Blessing Ceremony

(Rod Nam Sang)
With water that has been blessed by monks, you will be seated in a special area set up for your guests to symbolically pour the water over your entwined hands, while giving you their own warm wishes and blessings.

Blessed strings to tie on your wrists provided by / to each guest are also available upon request. The main part of the ceremony is the blessing of the couple with lustural water.

Long Drum Procession

The groom is led by a colorful procession of dancing and drumming with talented musicians and artists to meet his bride.

Traditionally, this procession stems from weddings in Thai villages where the groom would come baring gifts for both the bride’s parents and their village. Once entry was gained, the bride then asks groom to make promises to her about their future together. They then continued on with colorful festivities, with decorations music and a feast for all.

Release of Animals

It is traditionally both Buddhist & Thai to take part in the symbolic release of animals at weddings.

Some native animals available are doves, fish, turtles and butterflies.

Planting a Tree

It is customary in Thailand, after the long drum procession, to plant the trees provided as gifts by the groom.

Hence the “Love Tree Planting Ceremonies” you will see in a number of Thai Wedding packages. The idea is that by the time the couple have a baby, the tree will be there to provide nourishment to it. Available upon request if you would like to do this.

The Unity Candle:

The bride and groom each take a lit candle and light a third larger unity candle together.

They may blow out their individual lights, or leave them them lit to signify they have not lost their own individuality in the union.

You may also have your unity candle personalized with your names and the date, allowing it to be a keepsake from your wedding in a beautiful candelabra set.

Water & Sand Ceremonies

The couple each pour a different colored water or sand into a single glass, creating a third unique color they can keep.

Wine Ceremony:

The bride and groom each take a carafe of wine and pour it into a single glass, which they both drink from.

Garland Ceremony or Lei Ceremony:

Brides and grooms have always exchanged elaborate garlands of flowers at Buddhist weddings in Thailand.

They are also common at Indian and Hawaiian weddings.

These floral garlands represent a unity between the couple that is blessed by nature.

String Ceremony:

Blessed String Head garlands bind the bride and groom together.

Truce Bell.

A bell is rung and given to the couple on their wedding day that can be used in the home as a 'truce bell' in an argument, that reminds them of the vows they have taken.