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Only Better. Get married in Thailand with Koh Samui Island Weddings and your wedding will be on an island of tropical luxury, planned just as you have always imagined it, by the best western wedding planner in Thailand.
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Available Flowers and Themes

With big, bright and colorful blooms, the worlds best range of orchids, plus a big range of classic wedding flowers, you are spoilt for choice with wedding flowers in Thailand.

Our florist knows how to create more themes than the standard Asian arrangements usually seen here.

There are so many varieties of flowers available in Thailand - why not use them ?

Wedding floristry has come a long way from classic round arrangements all in the same colour!

These days, you are more likely to find each bridesmaid with a different type of bouquet and an eclectic mix of decoration elements alongside the flowers at weddings.

While all this makes it daunting when it comes to choosing your flowers, the best place to start is usually with any flowers you have always been fond of. Flowers that have special meaning to you will always work well.

Choosing a theme for your wedding from all the styles out there is still one of the easiest ways to determine what flowers should be used.

You can also work with colors - bold, pastels and complimentary shades to determine your theme and you can even base your wedding around a certain type of flower.

Our supplier is truly dedicated to putting together the exact flower arrangements that You want and so if something isn't available here in Thailand, they will always try their hardest to get it for you, usually from China or Holland.

Classic Wedding Flowers Available in Thailand

Classic Greenery


Tropical Flowers available in Floristry

Tropical Greenery

Native Flowering Trees

Imported Classics