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Wedding Drinks in Thailand

Say Cheers !

Thailand has a great range of affordable, tasty local beers and international brews, spirits at around half the price as at home, and an extensive selection of wines.

Probably what Thailand is most notoriously known for though is the great idea we have here where you can sip on sometimes potent but always delicious cocktails right on the beach !

Drink Purchase Options at Weddings

1. Bar Set Up Service Fee

Only available at private venues where you can bring your own alcohol.

2. Purchase a Drinks Package
Choose from one of our signature packages at private venues or your resort's drink packages.

3. Place a Tab over the Bar
Simply pick and choose from a resort bar menu and place the amount you are happy with over the bar.

Average drink packages prices are around 1,800 THB for a 2 hour package.

Bring Your Own & Our Bar Set Up Service

One of the best parts of being married at a private venue or villa is that you can bring in all your own alcohol free of charge

We will supply absolutely everything you need to make it the professionally run, sophisticated bar anyone would expect at a wedding.

Choose all your own drinks to be served and we can recommend purchase quantities, put any menus together for you, arrange for your drinks to be delivered and then leave all your alcohol there for you afterwards so you can do what you wish with it.


If you would like to have cocktail service staff - either behind the bar or walking around tables, additional costs are involved because of the increased service skills and work required.

A Bottle Juggling / Fire Show is available upon request.

Miscellaneous Ingredients as per your drink requirements such as watermelon, mint, Agnosta Bitters, Grenadine, Maraschino Cherries, plastic swizzle, sticks, paper parasols or any other odds and ends required for your specific cocktails can be purchased for you if required.

If you need bar staff to stay past 12pm, there is an additional service charge of 1,000 THB per hour, per person as required.

Drink Packages

There's no need to worry about a think with free flow drinks for all !

Prices range from around 800 - 3,000 THB per person, depending on venue, time and drinks used.

Keep in mind packages usually range up to around 4 hours and an hourly rate can sometimes be negotiated after that.

When you are purchasing a drinks package, we recommend the following;

- Cocktail package or drinks on consumption before dinner,
- House wines on consumption at dinner
- Starting your drinks package when the partying really starts to get the most out of your package.

Also keep in mind that purchasing another drinks package after yours has run out is a great way to get some timing restrictions lifted and ensure a later than usual closing time at resorts.

They will often be receptive to this but still need to consider other guests. Closing times might range any time from 11pm - 2am, with 12pm being the norm.

Our thoughtfully designed wedding drink packages are applicable at private venues only.

Choose from any one or combination of our Basic, Premium, Cocktail & Dinner Packages or Signature Bar Packages:


Our Signature Drinks Packages

Heineken & Singha Beer
Red & White House Wines
(South African Mont Clair Celebration Range & Italian Wine) 
Soft Drinks
Orange Juice, Cola, Diet Cola, Lemonade, Soda & Water.
Vodka Gin Whiskey Rum
Heineken & Singha Beer
Red & White House Wines
(Blends of the South African Mont Clair Celebration Range & Italian House Wines)
Soft Drinks
Orange & Pineapple Juice, Cola, Diet Cola, Lemonade, Soda & Water.
- Canadian Whiskey
- Brandy
- Scotch
- Bourbon
- Sweet and Dry Vermouth Optional Imported Beers
- Optional Aperitif’s & Liquors
- Available Mixers - Grapefruit Juice, Cranberry Juice etc
White Wine & Lime Spritzer
Buzz Fizz
Champagne & Orange Juice
Sweet Sunrise
Orange Juice & Grenadine
Pierlandt Brut Blanc de Blancs
A Crisp blend produced by the same champagne house that produces renown Veuve Cicquot Ponsardin
Orange Blossom
Gin,Vermouth & Orange Juice
Pimms Cup
Pimm’s No. 1 Served with Lemonade, seasonal fruit & diced cucumber
Mont Clair (South Africa) Celebration Range- Red -
A Fruity & Balanced Red Wine made from shiraz & cabernet sauvignon grapes. Best served with red meat, pasta & spicy dishes.
Mont Clair (South Africa) Celebration Range- White
Fresh & aromatic white wine made from chardonay and colombard grapes. Ideal with seafood, white meats and vegetables.
Your choice of Banana, Mango, Lime or Strawberry &syrup.
Vodka, Triple Sec, Lime & Cranberry Juice
Rum, Soda & Lime & Mint
Tequila,Triple Sec, Sour & Lime
Vodka & Orange juice
Blue Lagoon
Light Rum, Blue Curacao, Lime, Soda
Cuba Libre
Dark Rum, Lime, Coke
Vodka, Tripe Sec & Lime
Choose 3 Favorites Minimum Guests x 15.
Beautiful Boat
Rose Champagne, Vodka & Mint
Diamond Fizz
Champagne, Gin & Lemon juice with a Sugar Cube
Mimosa, Triple sec, Champagne & Orange Juice
Tequila, triple Sec, Sour & Lime
Melon Margarita
Tequila, Melon Liqueur, Sour & Lime, Garnished with Watermelon Slice
Strawberry Margarita
Tequila, Triple Sec, LIme & Strawberries
Blue Margarita
Tequila, Blue Curacao & lime
Classic Martini
Gin, Vermouth & your choice of green olive or lemon twist.
Sapphire Martini
Vermouth, blue curaçao
Chocolate Martini
Vodka, White creme de cacao & Cocoa for rimming
Chocolate & Orange Martini
Vodka, Cointreau White creme de cacao & Cocoa for rimming
Midnight Martini
Vodka & Coffee liqueur

Putting a Tab Over the Bar

This is a suitable option should you only have a certain amount you can budget for drinks or don't want to be tied into a package.

To work out a reasonable budget to pay for everyone's drinks, decide approximately how much you would like to spend per person. Keep in mind that average drink prices are around 60 - 160 THB per drink, depending on the venue and drink selected and you may like to work on around 2 drinks per hour.

You will be notified when your tab amount has reached its limit and your or your guests can choose to place any more money over the bar or your bar can be run as a cash bar after your tab amount has run out.

Sample Bar Menu

Local Beers
Beer Chang 65 B.-
Chang Draft, Tiger, Leo & Singha- 70 B.-
Heiniken & San Miguel Light- 80 B.-
Corona (Mexico) - 160 B.-
VB, Crown Lager & Pure Blonde (Australia)- 180 B.-

Boddingtons (England)-170B-
Stella Artra (Belgium) - 150B.-

Ciders & Pre-Mixed Drinks are also available. Please inquire.
Classic Wines

While the usual wine classics, such as an Australian Jacobs Creek or Hardy’s are available in Thailand (and taste great), 180 .B- Wine list of brands from other regions such as Argentina, Chile & France available upon request.Wine's - White, Blush, Red (Chablis, Blush, Burgundy on the low end of the budget scale or Chardonay, White Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot on the higher end of the scale) Prices start at 180 B.-

House Wines
Of course, you are welcome to choose from a range of those lovely brand name drops, but for the budget conscious, Koh Samui Island Weddings also offers a range of house wines that are low on prices but high on taste. Our House Wines come from Italy & South Africa & include Rosso, Merlot, Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonay & Riesling. 90 .B- per glass.

Despite the misconception that wine is always expensive in Thailand, we are proud to offer you a range of sparkling wines will please your palate and your pocketbook. The cost of champagnes and sparkling wines do vary widely, but fortunately there are good choices in just about every price range.

French Sparkling Wines

We can offer you great tasting, French sparkling Demi Sec & Brut wines produced in regions of France other than Champagne at realistic prices.
- Opera Demi Sec
- Baron D Arignac Brut
- Baron D Arignac Demi Sec
- Pierlandt Brut Blanc de Blanc's

100 B.- Per Glass

Australian Sparkling Wines
Then there are the fresh sparklers that come from Australia’s cool regions like the Yarra Valley and include Greenpoint, Jacobs Creek & Hardy’s Brut & Cuvee:
- Greenpoint Brut
- Jacobs Creek Chardonnay & - Pinot Noir
- Jacobs Creek Brut Cuvee
- Hardys Brut

150 THB Per Glass.

Italian & American Sparkling Wines
From Italy we also have crisp and dry with floral and citrus flavors as well as America’s Californian Wines (where many of the sparkling wine producers are owned by the great Champagne houses in France)
- Gran Cinzano
- Andre Brut
- California
- Cooks California Brut
- Chateau California

150 THB per glass.

At the high end of the spectrum are vintage Champagnes, usually the producers’ best so if you have a generous budget or you’re having a small, intimate wedding, you may like to indulge.

Even those hosting larger weddings may want just one or two of these special bottles for the head table (or for the bridal suite afterward).


- Moet & Chandon (Brut Imperial & Rose)

- Veuve Cicquot Ponsardin

- Rich Reserve & Brut

- Taittinger Brut Reserve

- Laurent Perrier Brut

- Dom Perignon

We can arrange a range of basic through to fine spirits. All are served with your choice of mixers.

Finlandia Vodka
(Classic, Cranberry, Lime, Grapefruit)
Smirnof Vodka (Classic, Orange, Citron, Greenapple, Raspberry)
Absolut Vodka
(Classic, Mandarin, Vanilla, Citron, Raspberry, Peach, Pear)

150 B.- Per Glass

Gordons & Beefeater - 150 B.
Bombay Sapphire - 150 B.-
Tequila Sierra Jose Cuervo - 150 B.-

White Rum
Malibu - 100 B.-
Old Pasoas- 150 B.-
Havana - 150 B.-
(Classic, Lemon, Citrus, Rasberry, Apple) 180 B.-

Dark Rum
Captain Morgan - 150 B
Havana - 150 B.
Bundeburg Rum - 200 B.-
Whiskey 100 Pipers - 150 B.-
Jameson - 150 B.-

Canadian Club,
Jack Daniels,
Dewars &
Chivas Regal
200 B.-
Single Scotch Malt Whisky
Glenfiddich & Singleton -220B.-
Thai Whisky
Samsong & Maek Khong -
80 B.-

Jim Beam - 150 B.-
Wild Turkey - 180 B.-
Brandy Apricot & Cherry Bols - 80 B.-

Henessey & Remy Martin - 300 B.
Cheery Heering,
Harvey Bristol Cream,
Taylor Tawny & Ruby -
150 B.

Cinzano Rosso, Blanco & Dry - 80B.
Martini Dry, Rosso & Blanco - 150 B.
Pastis, Ricard & Pernod
- 150 B
Pimm’s No. 1
- 150 B.
Campari & La Belle Orange - 150 B.
Chambord, Bennadictine D.O.M & Drambuie - 200 B.
Fernet Branca - 250 B.

Triple Sec,
Blue & Orange Curacao,
Creme de Menthe,
Creme de Cacao,
Creme de Banana,
Melon liquor,
Strawberry Bols & Peach Schnapps
- 80 B.

White Sambuca & Amaretto - 100 B.
Kaluha, Bailey’s & Tia Maria - 160 B.
Frangelico - 200 B.
Grappa - 160 B.
Midori - 180 B.
Galliano & Contreau - 160 B.
Grand Marnier- 180 B
Soft Drinks
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Soda Water & Fanta - 40B.
Tonic Water, Gingerale & Lemon Lime 50 B
Grenadine - 60 B.
Red Bull - 40 B.
Lime Juice Cordial - 30 B.
Agnostura Bitters - 100 B.
Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice & Apple Juice 80 B.
Mango Juice, Lime Juice,
Tomato Juice 100 B.
Coconut Milk - 100 B.
Cranberry Juice - 120 B.
Fruit Punch
Sweet Sunrise
- Orange Juice & Grenadine 1,250 B (Serves up to 50 Guests)
Miscellaneous Garnishes & Ingredients
Fresh Limes, Fresh Oranges & Bunches of Mint 50 B for 5.
Tea & Coffee 100 B.
Drinking Water 20 B.