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Only Better. Get married in Thailand with Koh Samui Island Weddings and your wedding will be on an island of tropical luxury, planned just as you have always imagined it, by the best western wedding planner in Thailand.
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Our Service to You

What's included in your coordination service?

We take care of everything and everything that could be required for luxury events in Thailand.


From start to finish, we guide you every step of the way, while making recomendations based on your requirements and budget.

Everything from helping you to select a venue, assisting with guest acommodation, travel, all your pre wedding activities, ceremony, reception and all of your post wedding and honeymoon requirements.

We can help you decide on flowers, ceremony equipment, decorations, reception planning, menus & lighting and will go ahead and implement every aspect as detailed.

Your wedding theme, set up, colors and styling will be planned with you and we are there to help you in planning a perfectly timed event, depending on your requirements.

We are flexible and there are no constraints when using our services and we do not use vendors who think otherwise.

Beforehand, you can rely on us to negotiate all your requirements with your venue, contract all of your suppliers and have regular meetings with them in the lead up to your wedding.

Whether you get in contact with us two years or two days before your event we will will always be on call to answer any of your questions.


We will meet you upon your arrival and go over everything again at your chosen venue to ensure you are happy and have the final say on every last detail.

At your wedding, we are there from morning until the late hours of the morning and we often also work at your venue in the days leading up to your ceremony as well as the days afterwards to ensure absolutely everything is taken care of. Then, we will personally deliver your official, translated certificates, photos and be there to say goodbye to you.

At your event, every requirement that you, your guests, suppliers and all staff have is be taken care of by us. We liase with everybody, ensure everything runs smoothly that everyone will knows what's happening and are having the time of their lives.

We never say no to any reasonable request and with us you are in the hands of people with your best interests at heart.

How can we Communicate with You?

We are available every day on email. Eveything sent to is also forwarded to our staff. Our managers are available on the phone 24/7. You can leave a message for us to call you back and you can make a skype time with us at at thaitheknot any time.

You are also welcome to meet up with us in advance at any time and for anything.

We are always available for wedding consultations and welcome any opportunity to discuss your wedding with you in person.

In the event that we are working on current weddings that interfere with our usual schedule, we will always get back to you in full no later than one week.

Where are You?

Our offices and warehouse are located at Maenam beach, on the north coast of Koh Samui.

Who are You and Your Staff ?

Jessica is Australian who has worked in events since 1994 and strictly weddings in Thailand since 2004.

Our team of Thai & Western staff all have experience, qualifications and expert backgrounds in hospitality, events and weddings and have been working with us for years.

Who Else Do You Work With ?

Our local staff specialize in wedding planning, event management & hospitality.

We have local Thai speaking assistants to help with the work required before your wedding and at your wedding, we use specialized and experienced set up staff, english speaking liaison staff and technical set up staff.

Everything else is outsourced to our professional fleet of wedding vendors and businesses.

Will You Be at Our Wedding?

Yes. We attend each and every one of our weddings on all days of the week.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness, you will be given as much advance notice as possible by us and one of our fully trained assistants who has already been working on your wedding will have been briefed and ready to take over.

If we are unavailable due to our schedule on the date you have planned, (which you would always be notified in advance of making any bookings), you will be put in the capable hands of a westerner from our management team.

If you do not actually require any physical presence from us at your wedding, then administration fees only apply.

How Can we be Sure this Company Exists?

You only need to look us up on forums and read all our happy clients testimonials to know that ...

The director of Koh Samui Island Weddings, Jessica has been here in Samui for nearly 10 years and started a family here with her Australian partner.

Her Australian and Thai family are here and her reputation is a valued one among wedding vendors and venues on the island.

Each wedding is taken on board each as if it were her own and the entire experience of planning it for you from abroad will be completely stress - free, simple and easy.

We meet with you soon after your arrival to Samui to welcome you and go over each and every one of your weddings details with you in person.

Then we are there to hold your hand, soothe any nerves on the day, deliver your bridal party flowers to you, answer any last minute questions and set your wedding up as professionally and beautifully as you are imagining.

On the night, we will be there to celebrate for you and will be smiling along with you and your guests, while guiding and and coaxing everybody to come together in a perfectly timed and wonderfully relaxing, enjoyable, seamless event from start to finish.

Your photos and certificates will be delivered to you as soon as they are ready after the big day and if you are still around in Samui to collect them, then we will be there to congratulate you once more, contact you after you have left to follow up and then welcome you back again with welcome arms on your next trip back!

What are the payment methods and are they secure ?

Are there any hidden fees and charges?

We never add on the standard 10% service charge or 7% VAT fee elsewhere.

Venues and catering, will often, however, incur the above additional charges and this is out of our control.

We will honor all prices quoted unless you upgrade the services booked.

In some cases, small administration fees is factored into services fees to also cover the added difficulties and costs in working with particular vendors that we cover on your behalf.

What Does the Average Wedding Cost?

We can recommend to you the best ways you can use the budget you have, so prices can range anything from:

Catering: 500 - 3,000 THB per person depending on venue.
Beverages: 800 - 3,000 THB per person depending on venue.
Flowers: 5,000 THB for bridal and basic ceremony flowers to 30,000 THB for Full Ceremony & Reception Decor. For wedding ceremony equipment rental you may need to budget around up to 15,000 THB depending on the venue and your requirements.
Lighting - 5,000 - 35,000 THB
Photography - 9,000 - 25,000 THB
Shows - around 15,000 THB each.
Hair and Makeup - Up to 4,000 THB per person.
Ceremony - starts at 7,000 THB
Legal Marriage Registration in Thailand- 22,500 THB

The average cost for a wedding with around 50 guests, inclusive of a luxurious resort or intimate villa location, inclusive of a range of flowers, set up equipment, exciting wedding vendors and shows, catering, beverages is usually not more than just 300,000 THB.

A wedding with fewer guests or services might cost no more than 150,000 THB and one with less guests, fewer flowers, setup and suppliers could be as little as 90,000 THB, inclusive of everything.

A luxury event with all the trimmings, using all our brilliant suppliers and an abundance of luxuries and indulgences does not need to cost more than around 500,000 THB. We have, however, worked on weddings that have cost more than double that and also weddings costing as little as 30,000 THB .. it all comes down to your budget and requirements.

What are the differences between wedding venues?

Accommodation rates at luxury resorts averages in at around 5,000 THB per night for x2 people, while a villa with 6 bedrooms works out to around 6,000 THB per night for x2 people. Accommodation rates at villas are competitive - but only if guests are paying for there own accommodation.

Outside catering to provide food to villa weddings are usually in the same range as luxury resort menu prices at an average of around 1,500 THB. This includes all food, catering equipment and staff but not your wedding or reception equipment like tables and chairs if they need to be rented in to your villa.

With an average spend of about 3,000 THB per person on alcohol at a resort, you can also save on beverage costs by purchasing your own drinks at a private villa. Bar set up works out to about 300 - 500 THB per person and covers all their glassware, bar equipment and staff. The cost of buying alcohol per person might be around 900 THB - depending on drinks required.

Closing time at resorts is almost always 12pm. When you are in a private villa there is no closing time. You only need pay an hourly rate to any bar staff required after that.

So, when you add everything up and compare - prices are not too much different between these two options.

How much will food cost per person? At a cheap resort, prices may start at anything from just 500 - 800 THB. Local restaurants may charge even less. However, if you want to be married in more luxurious surroundings, receive excellent service and quality ingredients, catering package prices usually cost around 1,200 THB. Some exclusive locations charge up to 3,500 THB per person. Outside catering costs are often more flexible and available within a similar range with similar services to the venue of your choice. How much will alcohol cost? This depends on the venue, with bar packages starting at as little as 800 THB for a couple of hours of basic drinks and 1,500 THB - 3,500 THB for all inclusive packages (packages are usually only for 4 hours and additional hours may need to be purchased). If you plan on having drinks paid from the menu based on consumption, we recommend budgeting around 1,200 THB per person for around 10 beers each or 1,500 THB for 10 basic spirits and cocktails. Can we Bring our Own Alcohol? Many resorts will allow you to bring in your own wines and sometimes spirits but a corkage charge will apply, for which you can estimate around 300 THB per bottle. If you will be a private villa or venue that will allow it, then you can pay a bar set up, equipment and staff fee to have your drinks served for you. What are your bar set up costs? They work out to roughly 300 - 500 THB per person depending on how many guests there are.

Whats included and what is extra?

Do we need to rent a PA system or dance floor? Your venue will often charge a PA rental fee or you can rent a professional system in yourselves. Dance floors are often available within the venue grounds but are also available for rental if you would like your guests in heels and your venue doesn't have a space available. Do we need a M.C? We recommend designating someone close to you to host your event, a professional D.J, MC Announcer or simply appointing your wedding planner to professionally handle proceedings.

Which venues do you recommend?

There are just so many to choose from that this is a very hard question - but based on our experience and our own preferences here are our current favorite venues:

Saree Samui - Top Tropical, Luxury Beach Resort venue in a private location, W Resort gets our vote for Wow factor, Baan Laem Noi is best for affordable villas and Villa Riva & YL Residence are our favorite villa estates. More affordable villas are all similar and most are going to be a good option if you would like to be married in a private villa, but in our opinion the atmosphere is not too different from an intimate wedding location - all that changes is the price.

How Much control do you have over venues / Should we book our venue through you ?

Yes. The easiest way for us to work as wedding planners at venues on your behalf is by becoming their clients ourselves and supplying payments to them. This establishes our authority to negotiate group bookings, deals and discounts on your accommodation for you and gives us full access to the venue in order for us to plan your wedding there.

Why should we use your services instead of resort staff?

Why should we use your services at a villa?

Do you work at locations outside of Koh Samui

Yes. We can work at any location of your choice in Thailand and also abroad.

Can you arrange our guests accommodation?

We will provide your guests with a range of accommodation recommendations within different budgets at your chosen beach location.

Group discounts and deals are often available when your guests book in bulk and we can provide an accommodation booking service for them or make any bookings provided by you.

Accommodation options range in anything from 900 THB to 15,000 THB plus per night, so it helps to supply budget ranges you think your guests would prefer for us to make the best recommendations.

Can you arrange group discounts & What Activities can you arrange for our guests? Any tours and event planning services required

What food can we expect?

The quality of things like cuts of meat and the size of seafood served is usually reflected in the prices you pay. You can be assured that in Thailand you can get everything from hugely talented local chefs, who are incredibly adapt at putting on a satisfying Thai Buffet and BBQ, with a range of all your favorites in local dishes, 3 - 5 star resort caterers providing a great range of International menu options, along with the usual in Thai culinary delights. But if your tastes in food run more towards either truly elegant, creative and only the very best of world class ingredients, in Koh samui we have a range of celebrity chefs and unique teams who will put together a menu to suit.

Where Should we get married in Thailand? Why Should we Choose Koh Samui & How Do We Get there?

This beautiful tropical island in Thailand can cater to everybody. With a west coast that is private & secluded with luxury villas on large estates, the east coast has world class tourist, dining, shopping, attractions and is situated on one of the prettiest beaches and then the north coast that offers the best of both these worlds.

Currently Bangkok Air is the major airline to Koh Samui. Thai Air & Firefly have limited routes here and a number of cheap airlines fly to nearby Surrathani on the mainland and then it is only a 2.5 hour ferry ride away from Samui.

Bus, Ferry& Train options are all also available.

When is the Best Time to be Married and at What Beach?

Samui's weather is different to other parts of Thailand. Here, from January to September it is usually filled with sun, blue skies and there is nothing more than brief rain showers that are always easy to work around.

From November onwards it gets alot rainier but things usually clear up by December.

January - February: is the dry season with not much rain, gentle refreshing breezes and there will be bright and sunny days.

March - April: Its Hot season and conditions are at their sunniest.

May - June: Weather conditions are better and their are fewer tourists around.

July - August: High Season and its getting a little cooler.

September - November: Its Rainy Season and although its usually only ever a short rain shower, it has been known in Samui to rain for days on freak occasions.

December - Peak Period & the weather is usually better. Maenam - Voted 8th best beach in Asia, this tranquil, long beach boasts a lovely horse-shoe bay fringed by white sands and swaying, tropical coconuts, with incredibly close up views of neighboring islands and a range of colors in the sky at sunset.

It is pristine, post card perfect and tranquil. Because this beach is so huge and vast, you will it is your own private beach location at most places here.

The huge variety of venues here range from tropical bungalows, exquisite resorts and private villas.

The area is known for its brilliant restaurants, friendly locals and expats, laid back vibe, luxury resorts, tropical bungalows, beach bars and activities.

Lipa Noi - This beach is one of Samui's quietest and the most scenic. With a long stretch of white sand, calm water and sunsets, this is a great spot for couples who really want to get away from it all.

This is spot is most well known for its luxury private beach villas and a chic, world renown beach club that is there. But there are a couple of budget luxury resorts here too.

One of the prettiest beaches on the island. It is quite touristy but the beach is just lovely and there are still a number of privately located, luxury resort venues and an exquisite beach villa. On the main strip we have a couple of incredible resorts on large grounds that still feel quite private. It is just a matter of choosing the right area of beaches at the more secluded end of the beach and we know of plenty, should you wish to also provide your guests with a convenient accommodation and wedding location.

Other Beaches

Bophut - There are a couple of couple of good resorts and the lovely fisherman's village which has some nice modern villa type options on the outskirts of the beach.

Ban Rak- There are a number of smaller private villas in the 'village of love'.

Cheong Mon- This beach is quite rocky, but has some lovely spots and high end resorts.

Lamai - A beautiful and expansive beach that is quite touristy on the main strip, but has a handful of luxury resorts further afield.

Hua Thanon - A smaller option at a private spot just outside Lamai.

Natien Beach- Some of our favorite spots are in this location. Tides often go quite a fair way out here.

Laem Set- High set cliff side locations, This area hosts a number of luxury resorts.

Thong Krut- Out of the way and incredibly untouched.

Talignam - Very upmarket with a couple of luxury resorts.

Bang Po- The beach is small but on the tip are our favorite cliffside villa locations right overlooking the beach.

Do we need to get our marriage registered in Thailand?

No. It is not a requirement to have your wedding ceremony legally recognized in Thailand. Many couples choose to have a symbolic ceremony or register their marriage legally at home either before or after the wedding itself.

Will my marriage be legal?

Yes. Your marriage in Thailand will be legally recognized at home, you usually only need show your your translated marriage certificate. In countries where additional documents are required, we can also take care of them for you.

How long before our wedding should we go to Bangkok?

We recommend 5 working days before your wedding ceremony or our express service can be used.


The answer to this is usually best answered by letting us know what your budget is, the type of personality you would work with best in a photographer and, most importantly, the end results you are looking for in your photos.

Most packages include atleast 2 hours of photography and unlimited photos supplied on DVD. Additional extras on top of basic package include more time, prints and better quality albums.

Will our wedding be unique

Yes. We can order or have tailor made any wedding equipment based on your colors and requirements.


How do you work?

Your wedding planner will give you the best advise based on your requirements.

She understands what you want and we do everything it takes to make sure your vendors understand too.

Plus, our weddings are always put together using only the best suppliers available.

The sort of knowledge and expertise we have hard to compare. Our are based on your visions and your budget and are perfect every time.

Should we come to Samui in advance?

Only if you really want to. It isn't necessary though, with wedding planner here with nearly 10 years experience working with the best venues and suppliers available.

We only want a simple, basic wedding..

Then we are here to help. We have some great packages to suit you or you can still use our tailor made coordination and budgeting service.

We want an elaborate, exclusive and perfectly planned event.

These types of weddings are our specialty.

Do we meet you in Advance?

Yes. We will meet you beforehand at your wedding venue for a full rundown, ceremony and reception location and set up confirmations, to receive any last minute requests, run through the order of service and answer any questions whatsoever.

Terms of Service - Additional Services/ How We Work

We offer wedding consultations and advise for brides wishing to coordinate their wedding on their own.

We can also plan your choice in a range of events.

Administration fees apply for booking individual vendor services and not a wedding through us.

Please contact us for information and pricing details.

What are your cancellation policies?

Any cancellations made less than one month prior may be subject to a 50% cancellation fee, depending on whether a deposit has been paid and arrangements made. Initial 10% deposits are non refundable.

Can You Show Us Different Venues?

Yes. We can show you venue shortlists, provide recommendations and maps while you are here.

How early in advance should I start planning ?

We get inquiries any time from 1 week before to more than 2 years and can fit any of your requirements into any time frame. We recommend booking your wedding date as soon as you can in order to use our services, your wedding venue and important vendors like your celebrant and photographer no later than 6 months in advance.

Basic Planning Schedule

- Emails, Phone & Skype as required before making your booking
- Narrow down your venue selection to your top two preferences
- Work out any budget constraints (whenever required)
- Make your deposit & vendor bookings
- Wedding planning, questions & confirmations
- Final deposit one month prior
- Meetings and your wedding! We require a 10% deposit on the total price estimate in order to secure your wedding date, along with 50% to secure any accommodation you would like booked through us.

50% (or full payment if desired) is due no later than one month prior to your wedding (up until which time you are free to change, remove and add items as required).

All fees can be paid via pay pal or international bank transfer with your bank into our bank account.

The final payment is due no later than one day before your wedding, preferably upon our initial meeting and in cash.


Why should we choose you? What Makes You Different ?


Koh Samui Island Weddings

So, Why Choose Us ?

Because we and our suppliers are the best in the business. That's why.