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Bride's Bouquet

Right from the bed of petals you will walk over as you walk down the aisle, until the bed of petals you lay down upon that night, flowers should play a part in every aspect of creating your wedding.

A bride’s bouquet is the flower arrangement most captured in wedding photos.

It should highlight your dress and wedding theme and so you may like to take some care in choosing yours.

It will help to provide your florist with any particular flowers you would for the bouquet, colors, shape and style.

Romantic, tropical, classic, rustic or wild … the variety of styles to choose from is endless.

Different bouquet shapes include; nosegay, classic – round, tear-drop & cascading. The best shape for you is one that will complement the dress you have in mind.

Regardless of whether you are wearing a traditional wedding dress, an elegant cocktail gown - even a simple white bikini – it is the bouquet you are holding that will complete your look as official bride!

In addition to the beautiful flowers, jewels, sparkles, feathers, ribbon, twine and a variety of materials are available in addition to the bouquet for an arrangement that is as unique as you are.


There are many different styles of bouquets to choose from.

The type you choose should be based on your dress, your size and the image you have in mind of you on your wedding day.


A small posy can be comprised of many shapes ranging from a single stem, a naturally tied assortment of flowers to a full and rounded bouquet.

Small posy arrangements are best suited to smaller brides, sleek and elegant dresses.


A hand tied, natural arrangement or a classically round wedding bouquet are the type of arrangements that will suit everybody.

Tear Drop

An elegant and formal style that will flatter a fuller gown.


A trailing arrangement is beautiful but is best avoided by shorter brides.

1,500 THB.-

Bridesmaid's Bouquets

Your closest friends will cherish the bouquets you have thoughtfully provided them to hold on your special day and complete their look as bridesmaids.

Their bouquets will look great when they contrast slightly to the brides bouquet - either by being smaller, having different colors or shapes.

1,250 THB.-

Groom's Buttonhole

Locally grown flowers in Thailand provide the range of bud’s perfect for buttonhole flowers.

Flowers that look great as buttoner’s include; Roses, any one of the huge variety of Orchids available in Thailand, Calla Lilly’s, Carnations, Gerbera’s and Frangipani’s.

Choose one in your wedding’s color theme, for a complement to suit any groom’s wedding attire. Buttonholes come with pins to attach them to any style of jacket, vest or shirt. It is traditional to give buttonholes to all groomsmen and fathers, as well as the groom, whose floral arrangement may differ slightly from everyone else’s.

250 THB.-

Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

There is nothing cuter than having that little special someone play their special part in one of these roles at your wedding.

Just imagine her … dressed in a beautiful frock, wearing an angelic head garland of fresh flowers and scattering petals for you from a romantic basket decorated with ribbons.

Or him .. in his tiny suit, walking down the aisle, carefully holding your rings on a pillow and smiling up at you as he hands them over.

Ring Pillow Sets are available not only for page boys, but also for the best man or even a fully trained monkey ring bearer or a baby elephant !

Having children play a part in weddings is a time honored tradition (in the past, children used to be the only female attendant a bride had!) and it symbolizes innocence and good luck.

This special role is one you and your favorite little one’s will be able to cherish for many years to come with the romantic wedding photos of you with your lucky charm.

Petal Confetti

Nothing signals after the wedding celebrations better than having your guests fill the air around you with colorful, scented rose petals.

Petal confetti is also a brilliant way to fill your wedding photos with flowers, romance and fun that will capture the all important moment just after you have said “I Do”.

There are a number of ways you can provide your guests with the time honored wedding staple of confetti.

The tradition in tropical Thailand is with intricate, hand woven banana leaf cones filled with petals, which is also a great eco friendly option.

Other confetti holder styles are sashes made with tulle and ribbon, cones printed with personal messages inlaid, decorated with your choice of artificial / fresh flowers, ribbons, colorful sand, sparkles etc.

Cones are placed either on top of chairs or into the backs of chair sashes. Another option for petal confetti that will add to your ceremony décor is to have flower petals displayed within large glass bowls, on stands, running down the aisle.

Starts at 120 THB.- each

Chair Back Flowers

The only limit is the imagination when it comes to making a statement with chair flowers that will act as exclamation marks in your wedding ceremony and reception décor.

Floral arrangements can be anything from romantic mini bouquets, with a variety of flowers, colors, sprigs and greenery, large, tropical designs made from bright and exotic flowers and foliage, to a simple, single flower.  

Chair back flowers can be made for each chair or pew arrangements can be placed only on the sides of the chairs running down the aisle.

150 THB.- each


Nothing shows your guests and important members of your bridal party how important they are as part of your special day, than providing them with the gift of flowers they can admire, smell and wear to unify them all as members of your wedding party.

Floral garlands have long been used throughout history as a symbol of celebration and ceremony. In India they are worn in respect to the gods and as part of weddings, in Hawaii they are given as a symbol of honor, respect and warmth and play a large part in many rituals.

In Thailand, they have their own very special and intricately handcrafted floral garlands that are specifically used as part of ceremonies, honoring one another and the spirit world.

Here, traditional floral garlands are, perhaps, the most ornately designed in the world.

Using a variety of jasmine flowers (both Arabic jasmine, for its sweet smell and also the Crown flower, (“Flower of Love”) because it looks like a special jewel, garlands in Thailand are offered to deities to ask for protection and in thanks, given to guests to say “Welcome” and particularly at wedding ceremonies, which, in Thailand, would simply not be complete with out them !

Neck Garlands

Head Garlands

This especially useful addition for the flower girl is also a wonderfully classic, Grecian way to add to a romantic, innocent and incredibly beautiful touch to the heads of the bridal party.

900 THB.- each

Wrist Garlands

Another floral arrangement for the bridal party, particularly favored by mothers, wrist garlands look great in in a tropical style using orchids or as a wrist corsage, using one beautifully arranged flower centerpiece and ribbon.

350 THB.- each


Floral arrangements made especially for females that can be pinned to flowers or tied on to wrists, another favorite for mum’s!

350 THB.- each

Hair Flowers

Fresh flowers are a signature wedding hairstyle accessory in Thailand.

You may opt for either scattered small flowers such as orchids for either elaborate or natural hair styles, or you might use large feature flowers, such as lilly’s and phalaneopeous orchids, which look great alongside sleek looking up – do’s.

250 THB.- each

Water Blessing Flowers

In Thailand, there is a well known practice of carving boats out of banana trees and decorating them elaborately with hand woven banana leaves and floral decorations that is celebrated each year in a festival known as Loy Kratong.

Couples across the country will light their boats with candles and incense and float them out together as offerings for blessings to be made upon them.

This is a unique type of unity ceremony the bride and groom could share alone and as a party favor for their guests.

2,500 THB.- each

Special Areas

There are a variety of other areas that can be created at your wedding rather than just a standard ceremony space.

You may like to have a uniquely decorated area set up for you and your guests to serve as a welcome area or decorate an important space at your reception such as -

Starts from 5,000 THB.- each

Ceremony Cars & Transport Decorations

There are a variety of ways to really arrive to your ceremony in style.

You may like to decorate your wedding car, boat, elephant ... whatever ... with any of the following;

5,000 THB.- each

Honeymoon Suite Floristry

Your wedding night is not complete without atleast some scattered petals on the bed you will spend your first night together as husband and wife!


Depending on how far you would like to go, you could choose from any or all of the following: