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Legal Marriage Registration in Thailand

Registering your marriage in Thailand is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Sign an affidavit at your embassy in Bangkok stating you are single and free to marry.

2. Have affidavits translated in Thai and taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval.

3. Take the paperwork supplied by the Ministry to the District Office where you will be married to arrange an officer to attend and legalize your marriage ceremony on the spot.

Once your marriage certificates are translated into English, your marriage in Thailand is recognized at home in all Commonwealth Countries (there is an additional registration process for some countries back in Bangkok but you are not usually required there for it).

The process is that simple. Although some embassies do have additional requirements, information about them is generally readily available and easy to organize.

When you have your legal proceedings organized by Koh Samui Island Weddings and you dont have to attend to the paperwork yourselves, having it legalized by a District Officer who is full of smiles at a breathtaking location, is bound to be a lot more fun than the usual proceedings at home.


You can also complete the legal process in Bangkok by yourselves.

You will need to contact your embassy in advance to arrange their requirements and an appointment there plus ensure your embassy provides you an affidavit that covers everything required by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The affidavit needs to include; your full names, occupations, salaries & provide the names and addresses of two gaurantors from your home.

Affidavits need to each be translated by a certified translation bureau and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. .

The process could take anything from 1 - 4 working days depending on when your embassy hands your passports back (the British Embassy requires them overnight) and whether you use the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Express Service.

Paperwork still needs to be supplied to the District Office where you will be married and you will need to pay for their services to come to your wedding or you can register your marriage in the district office there and then.