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Music at Your Ceremony & Reception

Music will provide the sound track for your ceremony and all the fun afterwards.

Our local acts are extremely talented Asian musicians and the Western Artists on our books here have worked with the likes of Santana, Red Hot Chilly Peppers and the Grateful Dead, plus many are talented recording artists in their own rights.

Thoughtfully selecting your songs and using professional artists who will time your music effectively should not be left to chance.

Everything from the impact made as you walk down the aisle to the success of your first dance will be determined by music. Lets face it, weddings just aren't complete without some!

Music plays such an important part in every aspect of weddings. Our dedication to providing you with the best is second to none.
With a background in concerts & events in Australia, our experience & passion means you get the best talent and range of music to choose from at your wedding.

Instrumental Ceremony Music

An indulgence not be missed is being serenaded on your wedding day.

Just imagine a saxophone player or classical music quartet playing just for you at your wedding.

This type of music is suitable for guests arriving before the ceremony,
your walk down the aisle, post ceremony cocktails and during dinner.

Traditional Thai Wedding Music

If the wedding march is not your thing and you would like to tantalize senses with a taste of Thailand, look no further than romantic, classical Thai wedding music.

Accomplished local musicians, on unique wood, wind and stringed instruments, will provide a flavor that's perfect for any wedding in Thailand. Having a Thai Dance Show perform alongside is highly recommended.

Click on the demo link for a taste of what's to come if you book one of these beautiful Thai music shows.


Classical Music

A stringed quartet is the first thing that comes to mind when picturing ceremony music and we can arrange for your choice of instruments to be played by accomplished musicians at your wedding.

We can arrange everything from guitarists, cello, violin players and even harpists who are world class and extremely versatile. Your choice of soloist, duos, trio's, quartets to a full blown orchestra, playing anything from classical to rock classics is available at your wedding in Thailand.

Imagine soulful music belted out of the sax just for you on the beach? Or something a little more classical with the flute or clarinet ? Our horn musicians will be an absolute delight if you are after something a little more unique.

Solo - Violinist
Duo - Guitar & Flute
Trio - Harp, Violin & Flute
Quartet - 2 Violins, Viola & Violoncello


Depending on your budget, we can arrange anything from keyboards to grand piano's, for our talented musician's to play for you on.


Our piper has over 35 years experience, many awards and accolades as a director of an Australian piping group and has also managed a a tour of 75 pipers across Scotland

Reception Music

Where else in the world but Koh Samui could you find famous musicians living and available at weddings ?

We have everything from solo artists (who can fill a room up like a full piece band) to some of the tightest acts available in Thailand.

For stage presence & music that is guaranteed to get your party started, read more about our brilliant artists and seasoned musicians below:

Many of our artists have played with some of music's biggest legends and are recording artists in their own rights.

We have Western acts with the talent and experience many of you could not expect from a wedding band at home.

All of our Asian bands are brilliant musicians with a full range of songs that you know and love and their own unique signature style.

There are a number of talented musicians on the island and we use only the very best of them.


These singer / songwriters & musicians are all world class.

You cant go wrong with a solo performer whose talent, voice and musical ability will blow your audience away.

We have elegant guitarists, a soulful saxophonist, classic rockers and crooners available.

Our special artists will work magic as solo performers at your wedding in a showcase of their musical specialty and many are also available to front anything from duo's to full piece bands.

King of Saxophone & Flute

This saxophonist has been has been playing since he was a child. In the UK he performed with many of the UK's jazz greats.

Since relocating to Thailand he has taught Sax Clarinet and Flute at NIST and Shrewsbury International schools in Bangkok and played with the Bangkok International Big Band.

Norman is available solo or duo with latin jazz guitarist, Victor.


Up & Coming Australian Recording Artist - Bella Marie

This young Australian has released a music video and is now based in Samui.

Her beautiful singing will go down a treat at your white wedding.

See more of Bella Marie by clicking the links below:

Watch Music Video

Live Performance


Santana & Doobie Bro's Recording Artist - Guitarist

Bobby has recorded with the likes of Santana, Jefferson Airplane & the Doobie Brothers. He specializes in Classical & Jazz guitar, plus Latin, Folk and Bossa Nova.

He is a sophisticated and accomplished musician whose prowess is perfect at weddings.


Great Voice & Guitar - Crooner, Mark ..

This singer-songwriter's voice and guitar skills are quite simply, just beautiful. He is an accomplished musician who has played all over Thailand with that range covers classical guitar plus early classic and modern rock.


Folk Rock Singer / Guitarist - Toured with Grateful Dead

James (of The Paxton Bro's Almost Famous Album) is a recording artist from California was taken under the wings of the Grateful Dead, touring with them in the 60's.

He is brother of the actually famous, Bill Paxton and a wonderful, heart-felt performer in his own right.

Available as a solo artist for gigs that are light-hearted, romantic and fun.

Let Bob Color Your World

We cannot recommend this energetic act more than enough !

He has supported the Red Hot Chilly Peppers and the Pretenders but in his hometown of Amsterdam, Bob Color is a head-liner with Virgin record albums up his sleeve.

This is a musical sensation who is fun to see in action. His repertoire includes 60's & 70's, Blues, Soul, R&B, 80's & 90's through to pop rock and dance hits. He can read a crowd a put on a shows to suit any audience.

Bob Color is available as a front man in a band or in a show he calls 'the Human Jukebox'.


Thai Bands

These seasoned bands are have been around on the Samui music scene for years.

They are known, loved and guaranteed to get your party started !

Pop - Baby Funk Band

This band has been performing at popular bars in Samui and Chiang Mai for the last few years.

They specialize in modern, dance and pop music.



Modern rock favorite ...


Classic Rock - Black Rose

This is a renown rock act that boasts some of the finest musician's Samui has to offer. Although Black Rose's specialty is classic rock and the lead singer is right out of Led Zeppelin, they have a range of easy listening tracks


Modern & Classic Rock Island Band

An old time Samui favorite, this band is full of talented and experienced musicians who play lots all of hits, with a repositories that's still growing by the week, they always take requests. .



Crazy Stone

This up and coming band are not afraid to mix it up, with a mix of classic 80's, pop and rock. They are fast becoming a firm favorite on the island.



Nothing comes close to describing this tight local act and their wonderful female singers talent !

This is the perfect party band with a vast range of contemporary and classic rock.


Filipino Bands

Known for the musical prowess, knowledge and singing abilities, our Filipino bands will really kick it up a notch or two !

Wedding Singers - The Nightingales

This is your classic wedding band, with a huge range from ballads and jazz, right through to pop rock, they are full of musical surprises !


Ovada Show Band

This exciting Filipino band is a 5 piece act in which everyone is a singer and performer. Be amazed as they sing a wide range of classic's and pop rock alongside a mini acrobatic show !


Expat Bands

If what you are after is the same classic wedding music, styles and singing talents that you could expect from a wedding at home, then look no further than these talented acts.

Latin - Los Puentes

This Latin sensation specializes in music with a tropical vibe that bridges cultures and people. This four piece act and their harmonies and rhythm make for a unique sound that people just cant help but get up and dance to.


Soul - Le Déjà vu

If you want soul, we've got it. Vocalist Jimmy, also lets it rip on the sax and his band have worked in five star hotels and at private events in Macao, England, Paris, Germany, Shanghai and Hong Kong. This is a classy act that specializes in Jazz, Swing & Soul music, and a range of all the classics.


The Samui All Stars - Classic Rock

This dynamic band is the newest and most exciting addition to the live music scene.

The Samui All Stars was formed by members of two Thailand's longest standing expat bands and also features a host of talented, local guest star performers, to make up a wonderfully talented full piece band that includes harp and sax.

Founding members, Rick 'The Wolf' Montembeault toured across USA, Australia & Asia as singer and songwriter for the rock group "Flow", who have recorded 4 original albums and Li’l Willy of ‘the Fabulous Hepcats’ fame, has toured all over Thailand, specializing in Good Time Blues, Jazz and Swing.

Their bands repertoire includes an eclectic mix of great tunes that span many genres of popular music from the 1920's to present… with everything from Blues to Brittany Spears taken care of for you.


Five Letter Word - Aussie Band

This band have covered many prestigious events in Australia and are also a professional destination weddings cover band, They are regulars in Samui and are available in anything from a solo to five piece band that will knock your guests socks off !