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Our Expert D.J's

Many of these professional party starters have world class experience and all of them have the skills to give your guests the time of their lives.

Your wedding D.J's job is to fill the dance floor and all of ours are talented crowd pleasers.

But that is not their only function. Having a D.J ensures there are no unnecessary lulls at your special event. They will read the crowd at all times to ensure the best selection from their extensive music library is being played for that moment.

At a wedding, your DJ needs to be able to cue your songs perfectly in time with the events taking such as your walk down the aisle, the first dance, cake cutting, fireworks and much much more.

A good DJ will also cue your guests, announcing aspects of your event and managing it in a way that is flexible and fun.

Budget - Mid Range Dj's

Local DJ Cop

An affordable, friendly local D.J with a selection of romantic, Frank Sinatra style classics, cocktail music and all the modern hits.

Classic Wedding DJ Blair

Blair comes from a background in working in resort and cruise ships and now devotes himself to "Wedding Spinning".

D.J Blair is a real professional when it comes to wedding DJ'ing. He uses all the classics and also a range of hits from different countries.

Also a singer who can play the guitar and piano, plus a great MC, DJ Blair is available for all your wedding music requirements.

DJ Blair is more of a classic than modern DJ and suits couples looking for that cliche wedding party vibe.

DJ Bosso

Fusion Club's resident DJ's specialties include beach funk, acid jazz & chill house music but he also works villa parties and weddings. All packages include a recording of music played on the night.

DJ Kris

This is a DJ who is gauranteed to play all your favourite hits. He specializes first in upbeat cocktail music for those intervals before and after the ceremony and then all the old school classics that every one loves and will always get up and dance to.

DJ Kris is a fantastic choice for the mid range budget range looking for a Modern / Rock DJ.

Top of the Range

DJ Coke

Sound Club's resident DJ plays the classic mixes of Top 40's, Hip Hop and R&B tracks. He is a good choice for those wanting modern hits.

DJ Dean

Dean has worked all over the globe and is a regular at the world famous Full Moon Parties. His background is with all of the largest clubs in London and also in radio with Kick FM who likes working with cocktail music and old pop songs.

DJ Endo

This is one of Thailand's most renown western DJ's. He has played at a variety of five star resorts, weddings and events all over the country and will personalize your night by selecting a range of your favorite song choices from the 50's through to all the fresh, modern hits.

DJ Steve

This is the most versatile and dedicated DJ's Koh Samui is lucky enough to have. Always a favorite, DJ Steve will take each and every guest into account at your wedding and will go to any length necessary to ensure that each moment has the perfect musical backing track.

He has played all over Europe and Asia everywhere from cocktail lounges to massive clubs, now based in Samui he puts on his own regular gigs and is definitely the most passionate and capable wedding DJ on our books.

The range music he plays at weddings is always impressive and refreshing. This is the DJ you should have if you want classic and memorable tracks with a real edge to be played at your wedding.

He is also available for percussion and latin beats alongside his DJ mix for something fun and authentic.