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Photography & Video

Recording Your Memories

Thailand is a country filled with dedicated & talented artists in ever field and this is especially true when it comes to photography.

All of our artists have been selected because they have talent & expertise, a broad range of skills and that certain something which makes them outshine the competition and makes their work unique.

With Koh Samui Island Weddings, you can choose from a huge range of professionals. Many of whom are international, award winning photographers, one is responsible for Thailand's most famous travel photos and we have a professional magazine photo journalist who works with Elle & Vogue.

Our videographers are all talented artists in their own rights. They blend in effortlessly and you will walk away with a meaningful short movie that highlights all the special moments at your wedding, will never bore audiences and will be cherished forever. Video footage of your wedding comes highly recommended.

We hope to outline & do justice to each suppliers special talents in a way that makes it easier for you to decide who will be the best fit for you.

Regardless of who you choose, you can be assured that every tender moment will be captured forever.

Photography Budget

Por - Fuji Photographer

This local supplier is a delight to work with. He is unobtrusive, creative, flexible and he will go all out to ensure you get artistic wedding photography alongside all those candid shots of you and all your guests. Por is is capable of amazing work and has an incredible 38,000 MP camera.



This mild mannered man is an award winning artist, responsible for many of Thailand's most recognized travel photos and also a university lecturer in photography in Bangkok. He takes each of his photos with art in mind and you can be assured of creative, bright and colorful images you will treasure.


Geoffrey Whitley

Geoff's experience in wedding photography goes back many years in Canada. He knows how to pull off all those classic and quirky wedding shots that everyone dreams of at their wedding and his winning attitude will ensure you and your guests have fun doing so !

Mid Range
This is truly a professional who is truly dedicated to what he does. He is a fantastic choice for photos that feature dramatic wedding and nature imagery.
Mid Range to High


Tan works on assignments all over the world and for the likes of Elle & Cosmopolitan. She will direct you however is required in order to get the best out of your wedding photography and she will do so in a way that means business but is humorous along the way. She always manages those classic wedding shots and never fails to disappoint. This is a professional photographer suited to the bride who takes guaranteed results very seriously.


Video Budget

Local Studio
This experienced local cameraman is dedicated to capturing everything that takes place and you can be assured of receiving all the footage from your special day and night.



This wonderful lady from Greece has an incredible videography background shooting travel documentaries and is passionate about bringing a tropical and creative flair to her wedding videos. She works with the latest in small, powerful HD cameras and has a casual style that always ends up in captivating, movie worthy footage.

Mid Range

Reeltimedia Productions
With a background in events, lighting, video production & television in Europe, Lee puts together videos that include a romantic, classic showcase from the wedding and then contemporary footage of all the fun afterwards. He works with all the latest in professional cameraman equipment and has an easy going style that is good to work with.

Mid Range to High

These beautifully crafted short movies capture the weddings highlights with exciting cinematography. Daniel's experience started from a young age. His father, noted American videographer & photographer, Jim Baci once said - "The camera is merely a tool - the subject is the magic and I am just the middle man”... Daniel will tell your story in way that's professional, unobtrusive and guaranteed to capture all the magic. He works with assistants all all the latest gear.

Mid Range to High

Samui Digital Studios / Samui Channel TV
Koh Samuis local TV station are also the islands leading wedding video suppliers. They are capable of putting together a complete production and have all the necessary equipment, staff, presenters and videographers to do so.

Mid Range to High

Web Cam
Don't let anyone miss out ! This television and video production company specializes in reality tv video here in Asia and they are fully equipped for full HD, multi-cameramen productions that are streamed live over the internet, delivered in broadcast quality sound and vision and then supplied in video format later on for you.

Mid Range