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Registration at Home (or having a Commitment Ceremony)

The significance of a civil wedding is, like everywhere else, in the signing of documents that bind you together legally as husband and wife.

This civil side of proceedings is very different to the ceremony itself.

You will find that exchanging your vows and publicly declaring your lifelong commitment to one another alot more meaningful than any legal papers. The day of your ceremony will be your anniversay date and when or if you sign civil marriage certificates is up to you.

You can register at home or, if you choose not to register, then it is a commitment ceremony you are having, rather than a civil marriage.

It is the ceremony itself will always be most significant.

Will My Marriage Be Legal ?

Yes. Your marriage in Thailand will be legally recognized at home, you usually only need show your your translated marriage certificate. In countries where additional documents are required, we can also take care of them for you.

How Many Days Should I be in Bangkok ?

We recommend 5 working days before your wedding ceremony or our express service can be used.

Who will organize my legal wedding paperwork ?

Our friendly, Australian legal representative in Bangkok will meet you at your hotel before your appointment with him at the embassy, to run through everything with you and collect and check any documents. He will meet with you at your embassies for you to sign the necessary paperwork and then take everything else out of your hands for you.

Afterwards, your documents are air freighted to your wedding planner in Samui, who will go ahead and make the necessary appointment with the District Office to attend your ceremony.

Do I have to Register my Marriage in Thailand ?

No. It is not a requirement to have your wedding ceremony legally recognized in Thailand. Many couples choose to have a symbolic ceremony or register their marriage legally at home either before or after the wedding itself.

Can we do the legal's by ourselves ?

Yes. You will need to get in contact with your embassy in advance to confirm what you need to bring with you and get a correct statutory declaration in the following format (link).

You will then need to have your affidavits translated and stamped by an authorized service to be taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for approval.

You can either go to make the appointment yourselves with the District Office in Nathon (or the province your wedding will take place in) or have someone do this for you.

After the ceremony your certificates will need to be translated into English and you may also need a copy of the registry book from the District Office.

In some situations, everything may need to be taken back to your embassy for approval and endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Public Holidays

When planning your travel days in Bangkok, please note that during Thai public holidays and your own embassies holidays, government offices are closed.

Many embassies are also only open during certain hours and on certain days of the week.

Below is a list of public holidays in Thailand. Some are subject to change according to phases of the moon: