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Our Legal Marriage Registration Service

Why not keep everything as simple as possible?

Using our easy & comprehensive legal service leaves you free to concentrate on having fun and the wedding itself.

You are in capable hands with Roy, our Aussie Legal Officer based in Bangkok. He is informative, personable and will take care of absolutely everything for you.

All you need to do is go to your embassy in Bangkok with him a few days before your ceremony and he will take care of the rest.

Most embassies require signed copies from the front page of your passports and for you to fill out an affidavit that will be provided by Roy in advance, along with any divorce or widowed papers if applicable.

Roy will meet with you at your hotel and go with you to the embassy. After that, he will take your affidavits & you are free to go.

Meanwhile, your affidavits will be translated into Thai and approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be granted. Documents are then flown to your wedding planner who will take them to the (Thai speaking) District Office to arrange their presence at your ceremony.

At your wedding, your wedding planner will liase with the district officer on your behalf and all you need to do is state your names, how long you have been together and sign the registry paperwork.

The marriage certificates you recieved will be taken by your wedding planner for you to be tanslated and supplied back to you either in Samui, or, depending on your travel dates, sent back to you by registered post.

Our Signature Service

39,000 THB.-

Samui District Office Service

If you plan on doing it yourselves in Bangkok, please remember this is only half the process.

Your paperwork still needs to be approved by the District Office where you will be married and this service is available through us for an additional fee.

The cost covers District Office services, assistance to arrange everything with them, certifcates, translations, courier and an administrative service fee.

Post Ceremony Registration Services - if required

Some countries need additional paperwork from Bangkok after your ceremony.

If your certificates need to be certified again by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and registered at your embassy in Bangkok, additional charges include Ministry & Embassy fees, additional translation services for copies from the registry book and services provided by your legal officer in Bangkok to take care of everything for you.

Express Service

In order for everything to be completed in time before your ceremony, you are required in Bangkok no later than 5 working days beforehand (possibly longer if you will be doing it yourselves).

Processing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs usually takes 2 days and the District Office needs to cite your paperwork 3 days your ceremony.

If you will be in Bangkok with less than 5 days to spare, an additional express service by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is available.

The service also includes pre-registration at the Samui District Office for them to schedule your wedding in without having seen your paperwork first.