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Flower Stands

Beautiful displays of flowers cascading over decorative stands can be used to enhance any area of your wedding.

But it is the flower stands on either end of the ceremony area and stands placed throughout the reception venue that provide the most impact.

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to read more about placing flower stands down your wedding aisle.

Floral Garlands

A wedding in Thailand is not complete without hanging oriental garlands from the trees that sway in the breeze.

Gazebo frames and curtains look bare without vine like flowers and greenery wrapped around them.

And wedding receptions are more like movie sets when there are large floral garlands wrapped around all pillars and posts.

Floral Balls

Nothing says wedding more than flower pom poms / pomander's.

Hang yours from ceilings or posts along the aisle or around the entire venue !


These are perfect for doors and gateways before the ceremony area.

Floating Flowers

Petals, single flowers, arrangements, floating lilly pads & lotus flowers, words, designs and candles are all used to fill the water and the air with the romance of floating flowers.

Pools are usually the central space and are ideal for floating flowers but we can also create bring in stands, bowls and vases a and create a feature with water fountains.