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Only Better. Get married in Thailand with Koh Samui Island Weddings and your wedding will be on an island of tropical luxury, planned just as you have always imagined it, by the best western wedding planner in Thailand.
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A Thailand Wedding

Stationary, Signs and Fun.

Anything you can think of can provide the small and decorative details that every big picture wedding should consider.

Say it in words with our beautiful wedding signs, stationary, crafts and keepsakes that you and your guests can treasure for years to come.

There is a range of different materials that invitations, save the date, programs, menus, individualized gifts, cute or formal signs and stationary can be made from.

Your choice of papers, acrylics, wood, frames, bamboo, branches, coconuts, stones, gems, shells, artists, and graphic design styles can really say something about your wedding ...

"And they lived happily ever after" ..

The Signs of a Well Thought Out Wedding

Signs at your wedding can designate areas, tell stories and love quotes. Your stationary will let guests know what is happening with your wedding program, itinerary, menu, drinks, seating plan, place cards and much more.

The extra thought and details that go into creatively designed signs, big and small, intricate, outspoken or romantic are the finishing touches, (or icing on the cake) at weddings.

Signs and stationary can pull themes together, provide highlights, talking points and memento's and just think of the cute photos afterwards!

In fact, from the moment your save the date cards go out, your stationary will have begun to set the tone of your wedding.

So, why not do it beautifully and creatively with different ideas, designs and spaces like chill out areas, dessert stands, welcome areas, photo booths, guest book signing areas, tables, walkways and on cars, elephants ... wherever you can think of !

All you need is a funny story about the two of you, a special love quote, some artwork and a unique backdrop for your messages for the potential to create magic along with take home souvenirs at your wedding.

Whether you want ideas that are funny, classic, unique or beautiful, we can help you come up with the perfect touch to compliment your theme.

We have printers, graphic designers and artists who use classic and traditionally techniques, modern and contemporary, and of course, Thai style designs for an authentic wedding in Thailand.

Pre - Wedding Ideas

Sign Holders & Stands

A variety of materials are available: