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The Wedding Aisle

All eyes will be focused on the symbolic area that marks the passageway to marriage.

There are a number of ways you can decorate the space. Colours that contrast with natural scenery and a combination of both ground and eye level designs will create depth.

Flooring in the form of a deck, bamboo matting, rods or carpet will ensure your walk down the aisle is hassle free and you can choose a flooring material that will really add to and compliment the wedding theme.

Of course, flowers and petals strewn on the ground along the aisle are a must and available in a variety of designs.

Incorporating post runners, flower stands or pew flowers is important because they are at eye level and placed closely together, they go a long way creating the effect of abundance and beauty.

Aisle Flowers

A timeless photo always captured at destination weddings is the colorful rose petals on the sand and tropical greenery and flower arrangements lining either side of the wedding aisle.

This type of photo is popular for a reason - a beach wedding aisle that's filled with flowers makes for dramatic and romantic effect.

You should try to consider your theme when planning flowers for the aisle.

A well thought out walk-way, with varying design elements, could be the biggest area of impact and so it should not be overlooked.

Choose from any or even all of the below ground level arrangements:

Walkway Equipment

Feel like a movie star as every head turns to watch your descent down a plush carpet aisle or keep it a more casual with a material runner.

Or, choose a natural or classy floor for your aisle:

Post Runners

You could frame your aisle with post to post garlands, a series floral stands or simple but effective chair bouquets.

All types of decorative posts and sizes are available.

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