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Elephant Arrival & Shows

It doesn't get more Thai than this! Riding aboard an elephant would have to be the most fitting mode of transport to a wedding in Thailand.

Elephants play a rich part in Thailand's history and spirituality.They are revered as majestic creatures. Even the country is shaped like the face of an elephant !

In the western world, when kings were getting about on horseback, only an elephant would do for Thai kings ... and what better way to arrive to your ceremony yourselves - just like royalty.

Your elephant escort will be ceremoniously dressed in a silk canopy and there will be a carriage for you to ride aboard.

This is an experience not to be missed at weddings in Thailand that will leave you with fun memories and photos that are absolutely amazing.

After the ceremony, your elephant will be waiting to pose for photos with your guests and is also available to carry you away off into the sunset for a romantic photo shoot with just the two of you.

We use the services of Samui’s most professional and dedicated elephant handlers. Pricing includes elephant transport to your ceremony, service fee and of course, banana's ! Baby elephants, medium sized teens and adult elephants are all available.

Thai Dance Shows

Delight your guests with a traditional and beautiful performance oriental dance show - a must for all visitors to Asia.

The colorful costumes, elegance and timelessness of Thailand's dance shows are a beautiful compliment to the entertainment at weddings here.

Troupe’s come with around 5 dancers and can also be accompanied by live classical Thai musicians with beautiful, oriental wind, string and wood instruments which are ideal to have playing classical background during guests arrival, during and after the ceremony.

Dance shows can be performed at any time to entertain your guests; before the ceremony starts, while photos are being taken or in a special show that takes place throughout dinner.

You also have the option of a lively dance troupe from the North East of Thailand, who can get your entire party started in a fun show that usually involves audience participation.

Monkey Ring Bearer

Having a monkey ring bearer is an absolute must for anyone with a sense of humor who is having a wedding in Thailand!

Simply the fact there even is a monkey walking down the aisle is enough to really lighten the mood.

Our monkey is absolutely delightful and thoroughly taken care of by a trainer who is quite proud of his monkey winning Thailand's Best Trained Monkey Awards in Bangkok.

After the initial surprise wears off, he bows in greeting, hands over the rings and and will shake your hands. He can also do a show afterwards too involving anything from back flips and posing to a carnival of tricks with props.

Although he is Thailand' s best trained monkey, he has been known to eat a few wedding flowers here and there, plus he has even stolen a glass of of champagne once ... but this all just adds to the fun and he could even end up one of the better behaved members of your bridal party later.

Butterfly Release

Releasing butterflies is also a cute and unique way to celebrate that also makes for great photo possibilities.

Butterflies are transported from the Butterfly Zoo by us in an ice cooled box, then stored in a dark place until just before their release, when they are moved into sunlight to ensure they are ready to take flight when required !

Dove Release

Doves are faithful for life and symbolic to release at weddings.

We use a professional dove release company with homing bids to ensure their safety.

Birds are flown daily and always know where to come to come because their partner is waiting their for them.

More Animal Guest Stars

Everything from baby tigers, gibbons and parrots can add an exotic element to brighten and color your wedding in Thailand.

We take great pride in ensuring the safety and care of animals at weddings and only use qualified zoo handlers who train and take care of their pets on a daily basis. If they are not sure about something based on an animals behavior that day then shows are subject to cancellation.

If you are by the beach or freshwater, turtles or koi fish can be released in an oriental tradition for you to enjoy and for something more traditional, we can also arrange a horse & cart.