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Reception Shows

Fire !

Bright flames in the sky are always going to be impressive but you are really are in luck here in Thailand a selection of fire shows.

Thai's always go above, beyond and completely overboard when it comes to pyrotechnics. We have the best range of fire-balloons, fire-dance shows and of course, some of the worlds best fireworks, all provided by only the very best suppliers.

Fireworks Shows

There is anticipation in the air whenever it comes to fireworks and they always go hand and hand with romance.

Fireworks are always shown at the end of romantic movies and all you have to do is picture yourselves embracing beneath your very own private fireworks show to see why.

Our fireworks supplier is the best in the business, with amazing special effects and shows that are always executed to perfection.

Our experts work around Thailand, pulling off all the grand, larger than life fireworks displays held at special events. Specialties include written messages, hearts and arrows, water and sky level shows and remote control detonation.

Although fireworks at home usually involve strict safety measures, here in Thailand, industrial fireworks are at most celebrations. Our supplier uses western technology and is the safest in the business.

Timing is everything and we always work alongside the pyrotechnics to ensure shows are cued as if by magic, at moments such as when you share a kiss after the first dance.

You know you really ought to have fireworks to complete your own romantic, fairy tale movie ending at your wedding ...

Fire Balloons / Love Lanterns

You will often see romantic, fire filled lanterns floating off into the night sky here in Thailand as part of special celebrations.

Anyone who has seen a sky full of these knows what an incredible sight it is,

We can arrange balloons for you in all shapes, colors and sizes and can also write messages on your balloons and attach falling star fireworks to them.

Traditionally, lanterns in Thailand are released by a couple who send a wish on their love off into the sky along with them.

What better time to do this yourselves, as a newlywed couple, along with family and friends, on your wedding day.

Fire Dances

The classic beach party in Thailand without having whirling, twirling fire dancers to complete the scene!

Thailand has a lot of talented, professional fire dancers, whose prowess will amaze you.

Hoops, rope, sticks, balls and fireworks are just some of the props that can be used alongside your choice of songs.

Dance, Cultural Performances & Entertainment!

Our Amazing Shows

Thailand has it all when it comes to entertainment.

We have the best in over the top and outrageous acts designed to delight you and your guests and all our shows are performed by seasoned experts.


Traditional Thai dancing is one of the more popular styles of oriental dance but here in Koh Samui we have a range of talented local and international dance acts to put on a show just for you ...

Thai Dance Shows

This is the easiest way to introduce your guests to the mystique of Thailand and we have a range of different shows available to suit the mood required, ranging from elegant through to over the top.

Royal Thai dance shows are classy and colorful and North Eastern troupes charge up the atmosphere with a lively demonstration on how to kick your heels up Thai style.


With classy lady boy divas who will dazzle you with their amazing costumes and fun, choreographed dance routines, this is a show that's not to be missed in Thailand.

Hula Dance Show

For that tropical island feel this show is completed by grass skirts, leis and lively dancing. .

Salsa !

Belly Dancing Show

An exotic middle eastern dance show and roving belly dancers are available.

Cultural Performances

Thailand is rich with a delightful mix of fun, cultural entertainment that's ideal at weddings with an oriental twist.

Long Drum Parade

This is a lively, colorful music and dance troupe - traditionally used in Thailand for the grooms rite of passage on his way to ask for the brides hand in marriage.

Monkey Show

Thailand’s best trained monkey has a huge variety of impressive tricks and stunts up his sleeve. There will be a lot of audience participation in this bright, colorful and prop filled show.

Chinese Lion Dance

Asia's most recognized cultural performances - this show is bound to impress. It comes with dancers in a large and colorful Lion / Dragon costume, music, fireworks and festivities, in an authentic lion dance performed just for you.


Up the Wow Factor for your guests with one of these exciting experiences:

Bar Juggling Show

These guys will twirl bottles in the air, set them on fire and perform special tricks as well as serve you drinks through the night.

Cartoon / Sketch Artist

Amaze your guests with an uncanny party favor created on the night, just for them, with a picture that will look just like them.

Jumping Castle

Kids entertainment doesn't get better than this. In fact it's likely some of the adults could even want a turn!

Acrobat Show

You will be astounded as performers jump and glide in a show that is will impress.

Magic Show

With all the classic tricks, plus the amazing ones, our magician has alot up his sleeve and his show will keep everyone guessing.

Thai Martial Arts Display

An adventurous and authentic experience for your guests.

Capoeira Performance

Be amazed by this special mixture of dance and martial arts

Massage & Spa Treatments

Why not pamper guests and give them roving back rubs or a chill out area that also boasts a choice of relaxing beauty treatments?

They have come a long way for your wedding in Thailand and small treats like these are bound to be well received.