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Ceremony Transport

There are so many fun and different modes of transport available in Thailand, it would be crazy to miss experiencing one of them at a time when your are meant to be arriving in a classic and unique style to your wedding.

Transport Options

Transport & Arrival

There is nothing more anticipated than the bride's arrival to her ceremony.

It is the time in your life that all of your family, friends (and, of course, your future husband) will regard as you having been most beautiful.

That all important moment when you walk down the aisle cant be overshadowed by anything.

But, when you are walking through a large resort or along a seemingly endless beach to get to your ceremony, you may want to do something to lighten the mood a little.

Our ceremony transport experiences are not to be missed as part of your wedding and give you the opportunity to really shine.

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Ceremony Arrival

Wedding Transport

Be Swept Away to Your Wedding in one of these Famously Thai Modes of Transport.

Elephant Arrival

The way to arrive to your ceremony Thai style. An elephant, draped in silk, wearing a carraige for you to be seated upon, will escort you to your ceremony, pose for photos with you afterwards and then take you to your wedding reception. ...Read more about arriving to your ceremony on an elephant here.

Long Tail / Thai Fisherman's Boat

A long tail boat allows you to float right up and on to the beach for your wedding on the orient - it is the perfect transportation mode at an island wedding.

Tuk Tuk

This classic mode of transport in Thaialnd, a three wheeled motorcycle ccarriage, is available to have you arriving in Thai style to your wedding.

Your carriage, decorated with flowers, will be on standby, along with your driver, for transport and photos afterwards.

Luxury Car

Decorated BMW’s & Rolls Royce Limousine's are available if you would like to take the well worn route to your wedding.

Harley Davidson

For the fiancé who Lives to Ride, this will be a lot of fun.

Jet Ski

Your groom can arrive, jet-setting to his wedding in true island style. Alongside the perfect musical accompaniment, this is an exciting way to get the proceedings started.

Golf Buggy

A fun and classic way to arrive and a great accessory for wedding photos.

Horse Drawn Carriage

Romantic & classic. Your horse will arrive with a white, decorative carriage to take you to your ceremony and be on standby for photos afterwards.

Long Drum Procession

This is the authentic way in Thailand for the groom to greet his bride and family. Our show is performed by a professional troupe all dressed in colorful clothes and playing a variety of percussion instruments.

Chinese Shoulder Carriage & Lion Dance Perfomance

This carriage is the traditional way of transporting a bride throughout Chinese weddings, but here, anyone indulge their fantasies of feeling like an oriental princess !