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A Thailand Wedding

A Beautiful, Sparkly Wedding at a Sunset Beach Club

This wedding took place at the world renown beach club, Nikki Beach Club.

The main design feature was sparkly lights. This was a wonderful group and a lot of fun.

Our lighting staff were awesome and had the whole event set up in just a couple of hours and the team at Nikki Beach were fantastic.

"You were an absolute pleasure to deal with Jess, and nothing was too much, or too demanding for you"!

"Thank you for making our amazing day so stress free and just absolutely magical and perfect! We are forever grateful to you.What a magical time! It was absolutely perfect! Thank you for everything!! You have been so amazing"

Bron & Stef, South Africa

Fun & Romantic Garden Wedding by the Sea

This was a seriously cute wedding for a lovely couple from Australia who got married at one of our favorite wedding venus, Saree Samui.

The beauty of this venue is the large garden overlooking the beach - perfect for a classy garden ceremony by the sea.

"Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!!  The night was an absolute triumph and you should feel proud of it - it was your baby as much as ours.

We worked with Jessica for nearly two years creating our perfect wedding day.  The whole process was made so easy and Jess took the time to get to know us so she could get the feel for what we would like. 

She took the time to hear out our crazy ideas and did everything possible to make them reality.  Jess even went the extra mile for us as the week of our wedding she broke her foot, but, still coordinated the wedding from crutches. 

She was genuinely concerned about our happiness throughout the planning and made sure everything went perfectly on the day.  We have nothing but happy and fond memories of the whole event and would recommend Jessica Holmes and Thai the Knot to anyone thinking about having their dream day on Koh Samui". 

Jessica & Bradley Melvin, Australia

One Year Later:

."Jess, Today is our one year anniversary and we still can't thank you enough for all the work you put in to our big day. Everybody had a wonderful time and it really doesn't feel like a year ago. Hope all is well in Koh Samui - wish we were back there.

Thank you once again from the bottom of our heart".

Tropical, Intimate, Vintage Wedding on the Beach

Elegant, romantic & intimate, it was such a joy to be a part of this intimate event for a wonderfully fun and relaxed group.

Wedding colors were yellow, orange & white which made for a fun & bright atmosphere and the venue was perfect for a small and seriously intimate wedding, where there are some awesome photography opportunities.

The Scent Hotel has the best of both worlds with tropical beach side scenery and an elegant, vintage design concept that makes for a unique theme to a wedding in Thailand.

'"Jessica transformed our idea of the perfect wedding into the completely perfect day. With myself being from Australia and my husband from England, we wanted a wedding where we could bring the two families together to share a relaxing, stress free and beautiful holiday and wedding day together".

"The morning of our wedding couldn't have been more relaxing and stress-free. We spent the morning swimming, reading and chilling out at and it wasn't until after lunch that we started getting ready. The hair dresser and make-up artist created magic and everyone has commented on how beautiful my sister and I looked."

"The beach ceremony was put together beautifully, it was absolutely stunning. From the venue to the set-up and the beach and flowers, Jessica had captured everything we wanted. It was completely stress free, so much fun, very romantic and was the prefect balance between formal and casual. It couldn't have been anything more".

"Jessica clearly has a great range of suppliers and a fantastic knowledge of Koh Samui and wedding planning. She genuinely wants your wedding to be nothing less than your vision of perfect so we would definitely recommend a wedding in Koh Samui and Jessica to be your wedding planner".

"I do completely mean what I wrote above as well. The day was nothing less than perfect, easy, relaxing and fun and we couldn't thank you enough for it. And also thank you for getting us in touch with Yuriy, we are so so happy with his photos. It shows that you really are an independent planner with no deals or anything with your suppliers. We wish you the best of luck with the business and in Koh Samui".

Anna and Dave Drummond, Australia & England

.. and from the Photographer:

" Wanted to give a big THANK YOU once again for giving us this opportunity to photograph such a beautiful wedding in such an amazing location on Koh Samui".

"It was such a pleasure to meet you, you seem like such a great person and I could imagine that a lot of brides love working with you; you're so laid back and friendly".

"That is always nice to see and makes it easier to approach you with questions, I've worked with some not-so-great wedding planners who are way too hectic and more flustered then they should be, so it's always nice to work with someone like you".

Yuriy Manchik, America

Romantic, Red & White Rose Wedding

This wedding could not have been for a more awesome & fun group.

Andy & Aurora's wedding was selected for the Thailand section of a TV Show airing real life weddings that is being shown all over Asia.

Everyone couldn't be more pleased with how it all went and the couple will always have a special place in our heart.

Congratulations to them on their new baby !!

"Fantastic!!! The whole idea of a wedding in Koh Samui was Aurora's, but with Aurora being from the Philippines and myself being from the UK and us both living in China I thought the whole idea of getting married in Thailand was going to be a nightmare. I could not have been any further from the truth. A few friendly emails, with absolutely no stress and all was sorted. I was actually getting stressed because it was so easy and I assumed that something was going to go wrong!

We were involved with 3 people - Jess the wedding planner, Roy the legal dude and Johnny the celebrant. This could not be any easier. Arrived in Bangkok and Roy took over, he gave all the exact details regarding what info we needed before arrival and that was it, half day and all done. Got to Samui and met with Johnny - real nice guy, got that sorted.

Then there was Jess, what an absolute Gem..... Every thing was just so easy, nothing was too much to ask and all was to perfection.

The day ran like clockwork and everyone had a fantastic time!! This was all due to Jess and her amazing team oh and of course her experience!!

Jess you made our dreams come true and all I can say is a big big thank you and we love you xxxxx"

Andy & Aurora, England & Philippines

How Were You Proposed to:
"She was proposed to on Christmas Eve in a packed restaurant while I was on one knee".

Reasons for Choosing Koh Samui:
"It was Aurora's dream wedding location".

Theme of Wedding:
"A Beach Wedding that was Simple and elegant. It turned out to be simple, elegant and then more than we could have ever asked for...... Amazing"

"The most amazing Red & White flowers that I have ever seen, so fresh and vibrant".

Special Moments:
"Dad coming from the Philippines, the monkey ring bearer, and the "I DO's"

And the Bride Wore:
"A lovely tight fitting elegant white dress with long train".

Most Memorable Moment:
"Seeing my bride walking towards me"!!

Anything You Would Change:
"NO "

Natural & Green Orchid Wedding

This wedding took place in a large garden space right on the beach that was the perfect backdrop for a quaint and charming wedding.

It was for a wonderful couple from America who lived and worked in China and have traveled the world.

The theme was romantic, natural and olive green and green Dendrobium orchids were used to compliment and tie in the theme.

Their lovely reception dinner was catered for by fellow American chef and held at a beautiful mountain villa.

"We want to thank you for helping make our wedding day so special".

"Everything looked fantastic and we definitely couldn’t have done it without You".

"Thanks for your attentive care and for making everything so lovely".

Nathan & Rachel Lucas, America

A Magical, Oriental Wedding

This wedding was one of the most heart-warming we have been lucky enough to witness.

There was not a dry eye left in the house after Barb, a professional singer, serenaded her groom as part of the actual ceremony, accompanied by live acoustic guitar.

Her beautiful voice carried out over the ocean and it was a real treat we were proud to be a part of.

Everything about the wedding had an oriental vibe, from the flowers, the colors, the long tail boat arrival and through to the Thai dance show.

"To the Happy Almost Couple!"

"We want to recommend to you without reserve the services of Jessica Holmes and the team at Koh Samui Island Weddings".

"Barb and I had our whole Thai wedding from end to end organised by Jessica – from the legal arrangements in Bangkok, to the choice of venue and accommodation, and the day itself from the morning preparations to the release of fire balloons into the night sky".

"Jessica has an eye for competent people, and has built a delivery team that delivered and delighted at every stage – the photographers, the makeup and hair stylists, WE are no experts in Thai musicians or dancers, but to our eyes and ears the performance was great".

"What we are experts in is western instrumental music, and lo and behold, Jessica could even conjure up an acoustic guitarist as an impressive accompanist for Barb. We have not ceased to comment to friends on how effortless and gentle the day was."

When we returned to Australia, David sent a set of 4 photos off to friends old and new, near and far telling them that he and Barb had eloped in Thailand (with Jessica as our accomplice!).

This response was not untypical, and we think is very revealing of how we felt: '

"What a beautiful set of photographs and what a look of pure joy on your faces.  Wonderful!!! May that joy stay with you for the rest of your lives".

"We were struck that David's work colleague from 10 years ago could see so plainly what we felt. Yes, that's about us, but its also only possible when the wedding day itself is a joy, and when the photographer can "see".

Finally, it was significant to us that Jessica also recommended what NOT to do. There is a legitimate fear that some service providers will "up sell" at the expense of your pocket, and of the experience. This is a particular risk you face in an overseas arrangement with an unknown person. Jessica was interested in the design of our day as an experience that held together and "worked" and suggested we didn't have some events we had considered. That was very reassuring to me as I emailed away at our arrangements".

"Our confidence was not misplaced".

"We wish you joy with your Koh Samui Island Wedding".

David & Barb Jones, Australia

The Proposal
"David took me to a lovely waterfront restaurant, requesting a table in a quieter part. During the meal, David went down on one knee and asked me if I would be his wife. I said "I thought you'd never ask"!! This was tongue in cheek - David had been making it very clear for some months that marriage was on his mind. Concerns about my children in Melbourne had been making it a slower journey to get to that point!".

The Proposal

"David took me to a lovely waterfront restaurant, requesting a table in a quieter part. During the meal, David went down on one knee and asked me if I would be his wife. I said "I thought you'd never ask"!! This was tongue in cheek - David had been making it very clear for some months that marriage was on his mind. Concerns about my children in Melbourne had been making it a slower journey to get to that point!".

Why Koh Samui?

"Being a second marriage for both of us, we wanted something simple, uncomplicated, and meaningful for us. I was on the way back from Europe and having a holiday in Thailand, so we seized the opportunity. Koh Samui was easily accessible from Bangkok, (just one flight), it was an island in the gulf. It seemed more possible to get a bit off the beaten track there, and still enjoy the feel of Thailand."

The Theme
"We wanted some Thai flavour".

The Set Up

"A white muslin and bamboo canopy on the beach - just perfect"!!!

The Flowers
"Lots of colour - singapore orchids, gerberas, petals, palm leaves".

Special Moments
"Arriving by long tail boat, David lifting me out and carrying me to the beach. Releasing Fire Balloons after our meal, at dusk. Singing a specially chosen song to David during the ceremony, accompanied by a guitarist."

The Clothes

"We both had lovely Thai silk clothing made - mine was an orange red with gold thread through it, and David chose a soft pale blue. Cut in semi-traditional thai style."

"Our Koh Samui wedding was pretty much perfect. Everything was organised for us, simply, via email, and the occassional phone call. Jessica was knowledgeable about what was available, and listened to what we needed, and found just the right people to assist us with the day. All we had to do was book our flights to Koh Samui, and purchase what we were wearing - stress free, and very well organised".

"The resort was perfect for our needs, (from our room, it was only 20 paces to the sea!!), the pampering of the massage, hair and make-up artist lovely. Jessica gave helpful pointers on how to ensure I got the look that I wanted when working with a Thai makeup artist. The guitarist organised to accompany me was spot on - knew his stuff and was easy to work with. And finishing our day with a specially catered exotic meal, enjoyed on a separate balcony of the resort as the sunset, topped the day off beautifully"!!

"All of the people involved gave a sense of honouring and supporting us, of easygoing yet competent, attentive service, enabling our day to go smoothly, allowing us to focus on each other, to fully experience the joy and meaning of this milestone in our life".

"It was also lovely, especially as we had 'eloped', and had no guests, to have some involvement of other people, including Jessica's partner and family, the resort owners' family and the support people who made it happen. And of course, some other tourists in adjacent resorts also had a bit of a look from a distance!!! The presence of other people was supportive without being in our faces - it blended with our day. When we had to leave 2 days later, we took with us memories of our day, infused with joy, and the wedding album and DVD, with a full CD of photos, - a lovely record of our day!! Thank You, Jessica and Mick".

"And the nicest thing is, that we hope to go back, and will catch up with Jessica and Mick, and their new baby daughter, when we do. Many delighted thanks, Jessica and Mick".

Wedding on a Seaside Cliff

This is the perfect venue for a wedding in Thailand.

The group were so nice and putting their silver wedding with colorful, oriental flowers together for them worked out beautifully.

The sunset is a real bonus at this location because it is on its own cove in the northwest of the island.

"All I can say is that Jessica gave us the most magical day of our lives"!

"Ricky and I had been together 25 years before we decided to marry, so we really did want something special and we sure got it".

"Every thing went so smoothly it was a complete stress free day. During the planning i was a bit of a internet bridezilla and i am sure i stressed Jessica with all my emails but she always managed to calm me down and reassure me".

"Everything i asked for she managed to do as well as give me some very sound advise and fantastic ideas".

"Right from the start everything went smoothly, the legal representative in Bangkok was really helpful and that all went without any problems".

"When we arrived on the island Jessica was there the first night to meet us and go over all the arrangements again".

"We then met with Johnny, who did the service, to have a practice run. Johnny has to be the nicest person we have met and he gave us an absolutely amazing service, better than i could have ever dreamed".

"Jessica had everything exactly the way i had wished, the flowers, setting, venue, food,service and photos, it was a perfect day in every way. Ricky and i will never be able to thank Jessica and her team enough for the best day of our life".

Maggi & Ricky, Scotland

How Were You Proposed to:
"On my Birthday"

Reasons for Choosing Koh Samui:
"Wanted something different as we had been together 25 years".

Theme of Wedding:
"White & Silver and Oriental flowers"

The Flowers:
"White for bride and bridesmaids, oriental for tables".

And the Bride Wore:
"White dress trimmed with silver"

Intimate Wedding for Two

Sweet, charming & private wedding that was really beautiful to be a part of.

"Scott and I were so impressed with Jessica's efforts and hard work. The team were amazing and we both want to thank you for creating the most amazing day".

"We dreamed of an intimate and private wedding and that is exactly what we got".

"We will treasure our Koh Samui wedding day memories forever. Jessica, her team and everyone one else involved were so kind to us which was reassuring particularly for me as none of my family were present for support".

"Jessica is a really lovely person, she is so easy to talk to and patient. She made us feel relaxed and at ease on the run up to and on the day of the wedding".

"Dany, the lady that did my hair and make up was wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone. She didn't just do my hair and make-up, she also kept me company, helped me get dressed and made me laugh throughout the afternoon with her great sense of humour".

"Our photographer was equally amazing. Chusakun was so dedicated and friendly. We couldn't have asked for a better team".

"The flowers and food were exquisite. Never seen such amazing bouquets and table flowers- they were stunning. The food was delicious which we sat and ate on the beach at sunset".

"Johnny Patterson, the registrar was a warm and genuine person that made sure we were happy with every part of the ceremony. He came highly recommended from Jessica and we weren't disappointed. He was the perfect choice and he made the ceremony truly special".

"Jessica made our dreams come true, thank you for everything. It was the most amazing day of our lives".

Lyn & Scott, England

Blue & White Seaside Wedding

There was a great theme and venue to work with at this wedding.

The bride's parents own villas in Samui that are right on the beach of Big Buddha, in an area with a lot of Thai fishing boats that made for a wonderful backdrop.

"Thanks again for your super job at giving us the best wedding we could ever wish for"!

Camilla & Jonathan. U.K

"Right from the beginning Jessica was both enthusiastic and professional considering Camilla was in UK and Jessica was in both Australia and Koh Samui".

"Nothing was a problem to organize and even last minute requests were handled smoothly and efficiently".

"Although Jessica had lots of ideas and plans our own suggestions were taken on board and the wedding day exceeded our very high expectations".

"Jessica and her staff were present at the wedding to assure that everything went without a hitch. We have no hesitations in recommending "thaithe knot" with Jessica and her team for the wedding of your dreams"!

Annemari Nilhagen-Holmes (Mother of the Bride)

Reasons for Choosing Koh Samui:
"We chose Koh Samui as we own 3 beach front villas there with a beautiful lawn and Sala in front of the villas just by the beach which makes the perfect setting for a romantic wedding by the sea"!

Theme of Wedding:
"The wedding theme was traditional but also very casual. The colours white and blue."

The Flowers:
"Orchids, Orchids and more Orchids - all white! From the bridal bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets  to  the hair decorations. Also the Sala where the ceremony was held was beautifully decorated with masses of flowers.  Small flowers were placed in the swimming pools together with candles which made the whole setting perfect"!

Ceremony Set Up:
"The ceremony took place at the Sala (a raised covered platform). All the guests were seated underneath an opensided white marquee with a blue runner and blue tie backed bows on the chairs to match with our theme. There were flower garlands (orchids) wrapped round each pillar of the Sala and also flowers placed in round glass bowls balanced on gold stands along the blue runner. It was absolutely beautiful"!

Special Moments:
"The special moment was when the ring bearer, a monkey!! after having presented the rings on a cushion proceeded to eat flowers from the Sala decorations and then grab one of the wedding guests champagne glass"!!!

The Thai Dancers and added a real cultural touch and the large fire lanterns looked spectacular in the clear night sky. We were also lucky to experience the most magnificent sunset which made the occasion even more romantic and memorable".

And the Bride Wore:
"The bride, our daughter Camilla wore a traditional ivory long dress with a sweat heart neck with Swarovski crystals along one side and a lace up back. Matching crystal necklace and ear rings - perfect for a sophisticated yet relaxed  ceremony"!

Most Memorable Moment:
"The whole event was amazing - Camilla and Jonathan both agree it was the happiest day of their lives"!

"We would not wish to change anything as the wedding was perfect".

Secluded Beach Wedding

The important thing at this wedding to the couple was a private sunset beach and they got what they wanted.

"Our Dream Wedding on Koh Samui:
We are back in the real world now, but still holding on to all the beautiful memories we have made during our holiday in Thailand and especially at our wedding".

"The location was breathtaking, the sunset was as beautiful as you can ever imagine, all thanks to the professional and creative Jessica Holmes and her company Koh Samui Island Weddings".

"We want to thank her again for her everything she has arranged for us and all her hard work. We weren't the easiest couple to arrange a wedding for, but it was to the most perfect day for us".

"We had a truly memorable wedding and appreciate all the efforts in making things run so smoothly".

"We had our wedding on Koh Samui at the west of the Island on a deserted beach. The ceremony was at Sunset. The setting was quite simple, just as we wanted, because the beach and beautiful sky and each other was everything we needed. And some official papers, which she also arranged for us".

"A representative of Koh Samui Island Weddings met us in Bangkok to go to The Dutch Embassy, so we can make our marriage legal in our own country (The Netherlands) and he arranged everything else for us there so we wouldn't take much of our time and it didn't. So we could go on and celebrate our holiday".

"In advance, every question we had, and a bride to be has a lot of them, were perfectly answered.The day itself was perfect, and also really relaxed because everything was taken care of. Including a very good photographer, who made really beautiful pictures. We really look at them all the time, still dreaming about that day".

"Every woman dreams about her wedding day and thanks to you, our wedding was more beautiful, more romantic and more perfect than I had imagined".

"We would recommend you to anyone who is thinking or getting married  on Koh Samui!"!!

Annemiek & Reinier, Holland

The Proposal:
"We had planned a holiday in Thailand and just discussed the posibility of getting married there, so it wasnt very romantic!".

Theme of Wedding:

Most Memorable Moments:
"Seeing our family crying of happiness & exchanging the rings on a beautiful beach."

Why Did You Choose Koh Samui?
"We didn't want a traditional wedding in The Netherlands, but we had planned our trip to Thailand and after seeing some pictures of the beaches on Koh Samui, we were sure that this had to be our wedding location.".

Set Up?
"All we ordered was the wedding podium"

And the Bride Wore?
"A short white with aqua blue wedding dress that she made herself! ".

Renewal of Vows

This lovely couple had their hearts set on having a baby elephant at their wedding and an intimate wedding setup to renew their wedding vows in front of their family.

"Liaising with Jess via emails and phone calls allowed for a smooth, simple ceremony to be organised without us having to worry too much about a thing".

"Being specific about requirements made it easier for both Jess and ourselves. I was a little nervous at times but Jess made sure we stayed in close contact throughout the whole process".

"We offered our suggestions and Jess tried her best to accommodate our needs; Jess was also able to suggest alternatives or ideas that would work better".

"The whole planning phase of the day seemed to be just far too easy and there was no stress involved at all"!

"The grand kids loved the bubble machine and spent ages chasing the bubbles along the beach".

"The small elephant was a hit too and a very capable ring bearer. All in all we had a wonderful day and a lifetime of memories".

Reasons for Choosing Koh Samui:
" We have always loved Koh Samui and thought there was no better way to celebrate our renewal of vows with our family".

Theme of Wedding:
"Simple Beach Wedding. The colours were orange and white and they worked really well together. We chose the colours and left the rest up to Jess; with just a few guidelines to follow ...simple but elegant".

Special Moments:
Spending our special day with family on a beautiful beach with an elephant.

Deb & Dan, Australia

Minimalist, Elegant & Natural Wedding

This fantastic couple were a dream come true to work with!

"From my first contact with Jessica 9 months before our wedding, I felt her warmth, enthusiasm and genuine care towards us and for our wedding. I emailed Jessica many many emails, weekly, and sometimes daily - she answered every single email and question with detail and thoroughness. Her responses were ordered and organised. I felt she was dedicated in helping us create our dream wedding and that she was extremely hardworking throughout the entire process".

"3 days before my wedding, I was completely stressed out as my luggage had not arrived from Australia. Jessica provided comfort and encouragement. I felt comforted in knowing that I didn't have to worry about the organisation or set up of our wedding, as Jessica had that all under control, and that I could concentrate on trying to retrieve my luggage and keep myself together in preparation for my wedding"!

"On our wedding day, Jessica was like a security blanket for me - she said all the right things, she congratulated me, kept me calm and didn't stress me out with any small details or changes - she was fantastic. I felt so relaxed about the setup and wedding activities because I knew she was organising everything and that she had all the processes underway. All I had to do was enjoy the day! And I did"!

"Our entire wedding was evidence of Jessica's organisation, planning and professionalism. Both ceremony and reception looked amazing, all the activities went smoothly, catering was amazing and the music added to the celebrations. Our family and friends, Eamon and I enjoyed the entire night - it was perfect".

"Eamon and I have no hesitation in recommending Jessica Holmes of Koh Samui Island Weddings to any couple considering a wedding in Koh Samui. When planning an overseas wedding, it is hard to imagine what options are available and what the best choices are. Jessica was fantastic as she explained everything with detail and provided honest advice about all options. Being miles away, our dream Samui wedding would have been impossible without her services".

"Jessica is one the kindest people I know. She made our wedding dreams come true and we will never forget the part she played in our marriage".

"Thank you so much Jessica, for using your amazing talent to organise our entire wedding for us! We are so appreciative"! "We look forward to catching up with Jessica some day again in Samui or maybe in Tasmania"!

Priscilla & Eamon, Australia

How Were You Proposed to:
"Eamon took me on a surpise trip to Tarraleah lodge in Tasmania. His proposal involved a massage, pedicure, Bollinger, a sparkling diamond and a mountain top spa bath. I was the happiest girl in the world".

Reasons for Choosing Koh Samui:
"Eamon and I both wanted an intimate and meaningful marriage. We wanted our wedding to represent both of us and we wanted to incorporate aspects that were meaningful for both of us. Eamon suggested Samui's warm, fun and relaxed setting, and I said yes - again! It was the perfect location"!

Theme of Wedding:
"Having our wedding on Samui's coast, I wanted to let nature speak for itself. I envisaged blue water, beige sand, green coconut trees and sweet smelling air as the backdrop for our wedding".

"We both wanted to keep the style natural, elegant and minimalistic. Our main colours were white and green. The bridal party wore, white, grey and pink fuscia - they looked amazing! :In keeping with our Samui beach theme, of elegance and minimalism, I chose to have 2 white lotus flowers, with a few greens, tied with natural string, as my bouquet - this simple but elegant arrangement looked absolutely stunning. Each of my bridesmaids held a single lotus flower - they looked so pretty".

"Eamon, our Fathers, brothers and groomsmen, had white orchids pinned to their vests and shirts - they looked so handsome. Our Mothers and Grandmother had white lotus flowers pinned to their blouses - the flowers were perfect".

"Our wedding planner surprised us with white orchids and lotus flowers, scattered throughout the ceremony and reception - those extras really complimented the entire setting of our wedding".

Special Moments:
"We have so many special moments from our wedding - Having both my Mother and Father walk me 'down the beach'; Having 33 guests fly from 10 different cities around the world, to witness our marriage and celebrate with us, including our Granny who recently turned 90 years young and traveled from Tasmania to Koh Samui"!

"Exchanging our promises to each other on Samui's beautiful coast; Having the monkey ring bearer surprise guests by presenting our wedding rings to us for our ring exchange; Our first kiss as husband and wife on the beach in Koh Samui!"

"Our chinese tea ceremony where we served tea to our parents and to our Granny; seeing the decorated reception area for the first time - I was speechless - seeing our pretty fairy lights, centerpieces of coconuts and monsteria leaves - it looked so pretty"!;

"Sharing our wedding toast with all our closest family and friends, with scrumptious bollinger and moet; Receiving speeches from our best man, parents and from Eamon to me; Cutting our wedding cake together and feeding each other the first bites; Our first dance; The fantastic music played by our DJ during the entire wedding and; All our guests dancing with us and then later in the pool"!

And the Bride Wore:
"I wore a silky ivory gown by Perth designer, Ruth Tarvydas, a veil, by Hobart designer, Sandra Alcorn, cream heels from Melbourne, which my sisters helped me pick out and later in the night, I changed my heels for diamonte flats sandals that I picked up in Perth".

Most Memorable Moment:
"Our most memorable moment was making our promises to each other. We had our closest family and friends there witnessing our special moment - it wasn't where we were, but who we were with. We feel blessed to have found each other and to have so much love and support from family and friends, for our marriage".

"Our wedding felt like a dream, it was so magical".

Classic Wedding

It was wonderful to organize this elegant villa wedding for this classy, lovely couple and everything about it was crisp & beautiful.

"Jess was a dream to work with, as much as I kept trying to stress and make sure everything was organised, she kept assuring me that she had it under control and to let go. When I finally did and just turned up on the day, I couldn't have been happier with how it all worked out".

"It was a fabulous day and went off without a hitch! I highly recommend Jessica to anyone considering a destination wedding in Samui... she knows what she's doing, she'll take away any need for stress and you can relax and have a great time for your special day".

"Jess, we can't thank you enough for your work on our wedding... if we could do it all again we would come back to you in an instant!"

Kat & James, Australia

The Proposal
"Over lunch and a bottle of wine at the vineyards in Swan Valley, Western Australia".

Ceremony Set Up
"Ceremony on the beach under a small white marquee with white covers over the chairs for guests. Flowers were frangipanis mixed with the florists selections"

Why Did You Choose Koh Samui?
"We'd fallen in love with Koh Samui before and loved the idea of a destination wedding and having a week long party with our friends and family".

Special Moments
"The whole day & night!".

Sweet, Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony

“ This is not your average testimonial - Jessica from Thai The Knot is my best friend. We have been mates since our late teens and have seen many changes in each others life and a never keep secrets from each other. Or so I thought"...

" It all started when my husband organised holiday for me to Koh Samui to visit Jess as it has been a few years since we had seen each other. I was quite disappointed that my husband Adam couldn't come but he was starting a new job the week I left and plus he was looking after our children. I got over it of course, plus Jess has asked me to help out with a wedding photo shoot she was planning for promotional purposes that would fall on a day when I would be there".

"When I arrived in Samui Jess and I had a really great time catching up with each other. It was great to have someone who lives there show me the sites, give me a crash course in the local customs and speak the lingo. After a few days of site seeing and hooting around making preparations for the wedding shoot she was planning, Jess told me the person she had arranged to be the "bride" has been called off to work on a scuba tour and there was no time to arrange anyone else. She asked if I could stand in. I was pretty reluctant as I'm not the model type but she assured me it would be fine (plus I'd get a shopping session to find a dress and beauty treatment AND the "groom" as this gorgeous 6 foot plus male model). After a quick call to my husband in Australia and not being some who needs encouragement for shopping, I accepted and set about finding the right dress whilst Jess added the finishing touches to the photo shoot".

"On the day of the shoot Jess sent me off to a lovely day spa where I was pampered like a goddess for three blissful hours. Jess picked me up when I was done but on the way home I caught a glimpse of a man through the windows of a convenience store. I saw nothing more that his chest up to his shoulders but I said to Jess "I think I just saw Adam is he here?" Jess laughed at me and asked if I wanted to go in to make sure. I thought I was being silly so we left. When we returned the make-up artists were waiting for us and did a great job on my hair and make-up (here is a tip Jess let me in on, be specific about what you want, Thai style make-up is much more colourful and plentiful than my taste but I have to admit it does look great in photo's). Before I knew it we were on our way to the photo shoot and I realized all of Jessica's family were dressed up and piling in cars as well. Jess explained they were the rent-a-crowd for the photo shoot".

"We arrived at the resort where this was all taking place which had a lovely little village feel to it and really friendly staff who came out and made a fuss about me (like it was my real wedding day). We met the photographer Jirapol and his assistant. I also met the priest (!!!) which freaked me out a little bit, but again Jess assured me he was purely a prop. Jess then asked me to go up some stairs to this lovely balcony which overlooked the gardens and the beach. From there I could see this divine flower archway which Jess was very proud of. Apparently it had taken quite a few visits to the florist to get the vision of what she wanted to transferred into reality due to the different way Thai people approach floristry".

"The photographer started to snap way and got me doing all these lovely shots and although there was a language barrier they directed me really well and got the shots they were after. Jess took off to find the model groom (who I had completely forgotten about) and turned on some music to loosen things up. When the music come on I realized that it was my new favorite song at the time ('Real Love' by Regina Spektor). Next thing I know my lovely husband walked out from behind a wall with a glorious bunch of flowers matching the archway. I was so surprised I ran up and jumped into his arms and cried. He knelt down on one knee and asked if I'd be interested in renewing our wedding vows, to which I of course nodded in agreement too (rare occasion of being lost for words). After a few minutes it dawned on me that this had been a set-up all along".

"This isn't where it ends though. Adam, Jess and I took some more photos (had to get some with my best friend and super sneaky wedding planner) then we headed down to the beach. Aside from the archway on the beach there was also a lovely red carpet leading down there from some steps which I nearly fell off when my brother walked out from another wall playing our original wedding march (intro to 'Nothing Else Matters' by Metallica) on a guitar. I beamed my way through the ceremony and was really touched when the renewal of vows included our original vows which we wrote and they were even printed on a card for me (nice touch as it was kind of on the spot)".

"We had a quick formal photo-shoot which went perfectly considering it was so short and sweet (my perfect kind of wedding photo-shoot) then popped champagne on the beach in a group and drank from crystal glasses just as the sun was setting. As the sun slipped into night the photographers kept shooting but it was as if they weren't even there. We sat down to a Thai feast with the stars putting on a real show in the open air dining area and music drifting around the sound of crashing waves".

"Still to this day it feels like a proper fairytale wedding and so surreal. The photos and video montage are unbelievable and everyone who has seen it has cried. Even blokes. I amaze at the perfect coordination of the event especially when I realize how difficult the circumstances would have been considering I was staying with Jess at the time, not to mention the fact she and Adam had to organise this on separate continents. In the end, it was an incredible romantic moment in my life which I won’t ever forget and although Jess is my best friend not yours, I can whole-heartedly recommend her services to you as I do to anyone who will basically listen. Thank-you Jess, your'e the best!"

Marisa & Adam, Australia

The Proposal:
"This was actually a surprise second wedding. My wife went to Koh Samui by herself on what she thought was a get-away holiday to catch up with some friends. Jessica, the wedding planner, had staged a fake wedding photo shoot with my wife as the model. On the queue of her favorite song, i jumped out from hiding and proposed (again!)".

Why did you choose Koh Samui?
"Koh Samui would have to be one of the most beautiful, serene places on earth. Absolutely perfect for a romantic get-away."

The Ceremony Set Up:
"By the time my wife arrived for the photo shoot (he he!) and I arrived to hide, everything was set up and ready to go. Jessica had arranged a long red carpet leading down the beach to our beautiful flower arch. There were candles and beautiful fairy lights, the celebrant was there waiting for us and we even had a monkey ring-bearer!"

The Flowers
"Jessica organised an astounding 10 foot flower arch for us filled with an array of colourful flowers and my wife's favorite sun flowers".

Special Moments:
"After the wedding ceremony Jessica had organised a lovely reception upstairs at Ban Fah, overlooking the beach. We had fresh seafood (some of the biggest oysters you've ever seen!), authentic Thai food and a beautiful wedding cake."

"The theme was a SURPRISE! colourful, laid-back, beach wedding ".

And the Bride Wore:
"My wife (thinking she was posing for a photo shoot) was dressed in a gorgeous colourful island dress. The best man and I were dressed in plain white Thai fishermans pants/tops."

Most Memorable Moment:
"Without doubt the most memorable moment was the look on my wife's face when i came out from hiding and she realised the whole thing was a set-up! I'm still amazed how Jessica managed to organise such a lovely wedding and still managed to keep it secret from my wife!".

"It was absolutely perfect! Jessica gave us the most special day of our lives. My wife and I rave about Koh Samui Island Weddings and show off our gorgeous wedding video to our friends every chance we get ".

But Wait There's More

"Jess we can only say how much we thank you for executing the wedding to perfection. It was everything I dreamed of when I stepped out of that wedding car - We did have a perfect day and we honestly thank you for your hard work"
Natalie & Gareth Whittle, Australia & England

"We would like to say a huge thank you for everything you did for us and for making our day just exactly how we wanted it! Thank you to everyone who worked really hard on the day to make it so perfect - they were up and about before I was on the day!"

"We had such a great day and Baan Fah was exactly what we wanted. Everyone had a great time and my mum and her partner are now speaking about going back there next June for another holiday! We are also very pleased with Tan's work and the videographer. Our photos are amazing, we are still going through them to choose which ones we want to get printed, its going to take us a while because there are so many brilliant ones. I would definitely highly recommend Tan to anyone else who is getting married".

"Thanks again for everything Jessica. I don't know what I am going to do now with no wedding to plan".
Lisa and Stuart, U.K

"It must get hard at times but I know that you will have great success over there. You will always have a place in my heart and I am forever grateful for all you have done for us":
Rebecca & Jan Willers, South Africa

"Jessica helped to make our day really special. All we had to do is rock up to Thailand and enjoy ourselves. We wanted a relaxed, fun day without the stress and hassle that a normal wedding ceremony and reception would bring. Jess helped us to co-ordinate everything from cars to flowers, reception to photographer. We had a fantastic day, it ill always be in our heart and it will be one day something we can reminisce to our children. Thanks Jess for all of your work and making our day wonderful".
Rachel & Craig Paues

"Thankyou so much for making our dream happen. We will be forever grateful & you will always be a part of our happy memories".
Emma & Rhys Ireland & Australia

"We would like to thank you for organising our wedding on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. We had nearly given up hope on getting married in Thailand until we came in contact with you. While most other hotels and ‘wedding coordinators’ sold fixed packages which were not really suitable and expensive, You were able to put together a package with exactly the things we wanted and for a realistic price. We had a great day and it was lots of fun".

We were really impressed with how you organised the ceremony; it was decorated so beautifully and the candle-lit dinner on the beach that followed was absolutely amazing. The photographer that you hired did a great job and we are thankful to have those memories captured in such detail. Good luck with setting up a business here that focuses only on what people really want for their wedding in Thailand. I am sure you will do well as you are a true asset to Thailand and to couples like us. Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you next year on our first anniversary!”
Rachael & Steve, Australia

ALL the flowers were fantastic as were the huge bamboo podiums and flowers.  My bouquet was beautiful. Johnny was brilliant and our furry friend arrived on time, peed on the carpet, ate the flowers off the arrangements and made all the guests erupt into fits of laughter.  All and all the day was brilliant, so thank you for your help.
Julie & Nathan Hall, Australia