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Have the Wedding of Your Dreams ... in Thailand
Only Better. Get married in Thailand with Koh Samui Island Weddings and your wedding will be on an island of tropical luxury, planned just as you have always imagined it, by the best western wedding planner in Thailand.
Western Event Planning in Thailand
That You Want it to Be
Can Be Anything
A Thailand Wedding

The Best of East Meets West ... Thailand Weddings

THE TRANQUILITY & LUXURY of Thailand is ideal for anybody's destination wedding.

With untouched beaches and oriental magic, Thailand is quickly becoming recognized as the prime new wedding destination abroad. And why not? A wedding in Thailand can be so many different things, that both backpackers and the rich & famous are having theirweddings in Thailand.

East Meets West is a theme being applied more and more to weddings these days. Why not do the real thing in a Koh Samui Wedding? Any style of wedding can happen in exotic Asia.

Where Dreams Come True

THAILAND IS THE natural choice for a wedding that will never be forgotten ... whether it's a simple beach wedding for two or a massive event for two hundred, an island wedding in Thailand can be anything you want it to be.

The benefits of getting away from all the pressures and expenses of a wedding at home are being recognized by more and more couples, who are instead opting for a stress-free, whirl-wind celebration of their love in a destination wedding. And what better destination could their be than tropical and romantic Thailand?

The settings alone are enough to get you started planning your wedding in Thailand: Beach-sides, seaviews, villas, resorts ... not to mention all the unique and spiritual locations there are which make Thailand a magical place for any type of wedding.

Although travel agencies have been promoting Asia's wonderful landscapes for a long time, information on weddings is still limited to generic wedding packages in Thailand. But when you can be surrounded by amazing scenery, luxury and tranquility, it easy to imagine your own truly special Thailand wedding.

Thailand Weddings ... Now, Anything is Possible

A DREAM DESTINATION wedding can only be planned by someone who really cares and understands what you want. With Thailand's first independent, western wedding planner,all Thailand has to offer in weddings is now available to you.

No matter simple or breathtaking your ideal destination wedding is, for a wedding that takes place abroad, you need guaranteed peace of mind. Most brides would love the services of a wedding planner throughout the many stages of their wedding. Now, with a Koh Samui Island Wedding you will have your very own dedicated, western female wedding planner taking care of your every requirement, to the same western standards you would expect at home, all for Thai prices.

Now, you can rest assured of having your ideal Thailand Wedding, whether it is one fit for the stars, or simply a celebration held under the stars.