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Only Better. Get married in Thailand with Koh Samui Island Weddings and your wedding will be on an island of tropical luxury, planned just as you have always imagined it, by the best western wedding planner in Thailand.
Western Event Planning in Thailand
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A Thailand Wedding

Wedding Receptions in Thailand

Fun, festivities, great food, plentiful drinks, fantastic service and prices ... Your wedding reception will be remembered for all the right reasons in Thailand.

Far too often, everyone has heard a story back home where the food at a wedding consisted of 3 courses of one disappointment after the next - miniscule dishes served on massive plates, tough cuts of meat and bland staples - that all cost a small fortune.

But, the food in Thailand is always a celebration and whether it is served by a street vendor or a five star resort, you can be guaranteed of the freshest of ingredients that will delight and tantalize your taste buds.

At any gathering in Thailand there is always a variety of foods served to suit everyone's tastes and this will certainly be true at your wedding.

Plus, in a country where everybody is always so accommodating, you can also be assured that any requests can be taken care of and served to you with a smile!

On top of the fantastic food, served at great prices, it's also possible to get your guests as drunk as they please at a wedding in Thailand without breaking the bank !

Pina Colada anyone ?

Order of Service

Timing is everything at weddings !

Here is our recommended, order of service, including all the important aspects of everything you could want at your wedding.

Simply pick, choose. add or remove and then change times to suit for the perfect running order for you.

Weddings in Thailand are supposed to be relaxed and fun.

Unlike other wedding planners and resorts - we away's go with the flow at your event and will not order people around unless a vendors schedule makes it absolutely necessary.

We are professional event organizers working on island time - and this allows us to shine when it comes to making sure everyone is having fun.

If the atmosphere needs a lift, we will reschedule something to happen sooner. If everyone is happy and content, then we will move things later.

Anything is possible with us planning, managing and ensuring truly special events

Sample Order of Service

1600 - Welcome Music & Drinks

1615 - Guests seated & Groom arrives

1630 - Ceremony Music, Brides arrival & Ceremony.

1700 - Marriage Registration

1715 - Cocktails & Canapes

1730 - Photography Session

1845 - Bouquet Toss, Cake Cutting & Release of Fire balloons can take place now for inclusion in photographs or later during the reception.

1900 - Champagne Toast / Speeches

1915 - Mains & Wines served, followed by dessert.

2000 - First Dance, followed by fireworks

2030 - Let the Dancing & Games Begin !